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Web Services and Enterprise


What is a Web Service?
Why Web Services?
Object Orientation versus Service Orientation
Web Services Evolution
Web Services Architecture
Web Service Components
Web Services Technology - XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
SAP NetWeaver Application Server and Web-Services
What is an Enterprise Service?
What an Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture can do
for You?

Web Services

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What is a Web Service?

Self-Contained, Self-Describing Application

Based on open standards such as SOAP, XML etc over
an Internet Protocol backbone
Can be published, located and invoked over the web
Interact using XML based messages conveyed by
Internet protocols

Why Web services?

SOAP supported by all of the major vendors

Any device which supports HTTP and XML can both host and
access Web services

Low barrier to Entry

concepts easy to understand and toolkits allow developers to
quickly create and deploy Web services

Industry Support
All of the major vendors are supporting SOAP and the surrounding
Web services technology

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Object Orientation

Why Standards?

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Service Orientation

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Web Services Evolution

Web services Architecture

Web Services in Action

The Components
To discover where you can get web services and what
businesses have to offer UDDI

To describe a web service and how to interact with it


To package your interaction with the Web Service SOAP

To carry the data envelope across the internet HTTP Post
To fragment and deliver the http post request to the end

point =

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Web Services Technology

XML - Extensible Markup Language
To tag the data

SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol

To transfer the data

WSDL - Web Services Description Language

For describing the services available

UDDI - Universal Description, Discovery and Integration

For listing available services

XML eXtensible Markup Language

A light weight protocol for exchange of information in a
de-centralized, distributed environment
Envelope for exchanging XML documents

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SOAP Structure and Features

WSDL Web Services Description Language

XML format for describing Web Services
Supported Operations and Data format
Supported Protocols
Network Address

What, How and Where of Web-Service

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WSDL Specifications

UDDI Universal Description Discovery and

Describes how to Advertise and Discover Web Services
Differentiates Web Service Provider, Web Service and Web
Service Type
Holds metadata that can be used to search for services( names,
IDs, categories, Types etc)
Developed by Ariba, IBM and Microsoft

SAP Web Application Server as a Web-Service


SAP Web Application Server as a Web-Service Client


What is an Enterprise Service?

Highly Integrated WebServices combined with Business
Logic and Semantics published in a Central Repository
An Interface to well-defined functionality provided by
Functional Business Components

From Web Services To Enterprise Services

What an Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture

can do for You?
Leverage existing IT assets, reduce integration expense
Service enable applications
Quickly and Flexibly respond to changing business
Develop Composite Applications

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