Isaac Asimov: Laws of Robotics

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Present Nanorobotics
o No artificial non-biological nanorobots have yet been created, it (mechanically) remains a hypothetical concept o Processors:


Nanorobot Design

Consists of…. o

Molecular sorting rotors o Propeller o Fins o Sensors

o location of
nanorobots  ultrasonic technique

o Nanorobots
produce ultrasonic waves by passing a signal to piezoelectric membrane

Replacing Transistors in Nanorobots

Schematic of a Molecular tweezer based molecular switch or pH sensor which relies on the change in formation at low pH. pH 7 (our equivalence of 1 in binary) Low pH (binary equivalence of 0) peptide is peptide is in compact configuration in open configuration and access of the ions and ions have access to gold is blocked by designate layers, resulting in substrate reduced conductivity

Mrs Herbert’sFuture Future! Our Future My Class’s

Future Nanorobotics

Future Nanorobotics

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