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 Muhammad Salman Iqbal

 Muhammad Mehdi Rizvi

 Shahryar Mahmood Khan

 In 1932 S/W Printing Company began as
Stricklin Printing in downtown Florence,
South Carolina.

 After 78 years, today S/W Printing is owned

by Steve and Susan Powers.
 The Powers family have continued the
company's philosophy of providing
customers with the highest quality
professional printing services; all at an
affordable price.
 The mission statement of S/W Printing is to
provide customers with high-quality
professional printing services at affordable
 S/W printing’s vision is to be known
throughout the industry as the dependable,
quality and service oriented, low-cost
provider of business documents.
 Our mission is to consistently deliver the
finest quality professional printing services
with exceptional value on time, every time,
and to meet or exceed our customers’
expectations in order to enhance their
business and make them more successful at
affordable prices.
 S/W printing establishes and maintains
lifelong customer relationships through
superior graphic communication services and
printed products. We strive for excellence in
all we do and treat everyone with dignity and
respect and become dependable, quality
oriented, low cost provider of print media.
 Strong Brand Image.

 On-site printing press allows for a faster

turnaround on orders along with the available
delivery service.

 Steve Power’s strong inter-personal skills and

development of strong relationships within the
 The website provides an avenue for current customers to
reorder, review and find out the job status.
 Florence Downtown Development Corporation helping in
the physical establishment and business.
 S/W printing is very well positioned geographically.

 Marketing and Advertising efforts are better than M&M

document center, and better customer relationship
management than Office Depot.
 M&M Document Center leads them in the copy jobs
because S/W printing offers the services but does
not promote copies.

 S/W printing is offering lesser products and

services than competitors and contains a narrow
product line.

 Most customers have yet to embrace electronic

methods, which creates a considerable amount of
time to complete orders.
 Payments are not accepted and automatic quotes
cannot be generated through the website.

 General expenses are considerably high.

 S/W printing has only one contracted account and

the majority of sales are open sales by repeat
customers or walk-ins.

 Lack of financial resources.

 M&M Document Center

 Office Depot

 In-house
 The city of Florence has recently under taken
a massive redevelopment of Downtown

 There are over nine foreign affiliated

companies and fourteen Fortune 500
 companies in the region.

 Population in July 2008: 31,570. Population

change since 2000 is +4.4%.
 Florence County jobs have decreased by 3.30
percent, and local businesses are increasing.

 Estimated median household income in 2008:

$41,280 (it was $35,388 in 2000).

 Pollina Corporate real Estate study has ranked

South Carolina as the top-pro business state
after reviewing 29 factors.
 Intense competition as the printing industry
is known for its price elasticity.

 Two major competitors within 5 miles


 U.S may fall back into a recession.

 Market is growing rapidly, probability of more
competitors to enter.

 Technology is becoming more affordable and

increasing number of government agencies
and corporations within Florence have in-
house printing facility.
 market development strategy
 marketing penetration strategy

 product development strategy

 Increase sales by approximately 75%
overall till the end of next three years.

 Increase market share by at least 25% by

the end of three years.

 Launch of four new products and improving

on quality by the end of 2012.
 Open one outlet in Darlington county, would
result in approximate increase of 20% in
sales, the development would cost $40,000
through equity injection by Steve powers
 Increase of 5% of sales; by attaining
contracts from local businesses. Marketing
expense of electronic and print media,
banners & broachers is $15000 which would
be covered by equity injection.
 Increase of 10% of sales; expense of
improving and updating and the site is $5000
covered by equity injection.
 Production of new product line for 2010;
business handbook, Banners; incur cost of
$15,000 for production materials, will
increase sales by 5%. The cost would be
covered by equity injections.
 Increase of 2% of sales; by attaining
contracts from local businesses and
improving customer base. Marketing expense
of electronic and print media, banners &
broachers is $20000, covered by retained
 Increase of 3% of sales; expense of maintain
and updating the site is $1000 covered by
retained earnings.
 Production for new product line for
2010; Greeting cards and invitations;
incur cost of $11,000 for production
materials and $10000 for new
equipment will increase sales by 3%.
The cost would be covered by retained
 Open one outlet in Quinsby county, increase
of 15% in sales, and incur cost of $50,000
through retained earnings.

 Increase of 5% of sales; expense of maintain

and updating the site is $2000 covered
through retained earnings.
 Increaseof 7% of sales; by attaining
contracts from local businesses and
improving customer base. Marketing
expense of electronic and print media,
banners & broachers is $25000 covered
through retained earnings.
 The comparison reveals that actual planned
strategies are intensive in nature too. The
recommendations suggests for market
development(geographic expansion) and
market penetration strategies too to better
exploit on opportunities and capture greater
piece of the pie (market share).
 Financial reports would indicate in terms of
Sales, increased Return on Investment,
Increased return on Assets and EBIT.

 Customer feedback would be taken on the

new products and existing services provided
by the firm.
 How firmly the firm is competing in the
market and exploiting the opportunities

 How the firm existing policies are in line with

the annual objectives being set.
 The firm is moving towards its long term goals with the help
of a strategic-evaluation framework.

 Balanced Scorecards would be developed to measure the

improvement in performance of the firm.

 Proper Audits would be conducted to identify financial

slumps and to compete with cost efficiency.