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Wednesday Art


Zack Akmal
Nisa Rahman

Introduction of

The history of Malaysian contemporary art

dates back to the many decades. While
Malaysia has a rich cultural background, its
crafts and arts are already well-known around
the region which have been passed down for
generations. However, the area of
contemporary art is more recent where among
the earliest work of art came through from
people like Yong Mun Sen, Khaw Sia, Abdullah
Ariff and the likes of Kuo Ju Ping.

Wednesday Art Group

Established in 1952 , in Kuala Lumpur, and was

founded by Peter Harris.
The Wednesday Art Group, are a group of people
keen on art and who meet up each Wednesday
10am to 12 noon at the Art Centre. The group
currently has places available. If you are
interested and no matter what your level of
experience then come along and join them. There
is no teacher and everyone can do whatever
interests them. We all support each other, share
ideas, as well as socialize.


Theme for Wednesday Art Group is

Art as a means of self-expression'


Introducing aesthetics, way of painting , and

painting tools and new media to members


The main activities are met on every

Wednesday and Saturday for drawing the
human body ( figuratist ) , composition and
role play

Painting Style

Various flow impressionist , post impressionist style of its own

Members Of Group

Peter Harris
Cheong Laitong
Patrick Ng Kah Onn
Jolly Koh
Anthony Lau
Dzulkifli Buyong
Ismail Mustam
Syed Ahmad Jamal

Peter Harris

Was born in London, Ontario,

and currently lives and works
in Toronto, Ontario
Completed a degree in Fine
Arts at the University of
Waterloo in 1997
Has won several awards for
his continuing series of urban
inspired landscape paintings,
including an Elizabeth
Greenshields Foundation
grant and a Waterloo Region
Arts Fund project grant


Young girl with


Rumah Rakit


Cheong Laitong

Was born on 1932 in

Guangzhou, China.
Skowhagen School of Printing
and Sculpture in Maine, USA
(USIS Exchange of
Served as the Creative
Director Rothmans of Pall Mall
(Malaysia) between 1963-1992
Was Regional Creative Director
Rothmans International for the
Asia Pacific region from 19921995


Playing Marbles

Patrick Ng Kah Onn

Was born in 1932 at Kuala

Lumpur and was died in
1989 at London.
Has own exhibition in
1963 at British Council,
Kuala Lumpur
Get first education in
1964 at Hammer Smith
College of Art, London
He auction his artwork
Featured in KL Auction s
since 2010 (June).

Wash the Cloth

Spirits of Earth, Water &


Drying Cloth

Jolly Koh

Born in Singapore 1941.

In 1959 1962 he first
education at Hornsey College
of Art, London, UK
Last education in 1972 1975
at Indiana University, U.S.A.
Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)
1963 first teaching at Art
Teacher, Muar High School,
In 2000/04 be Senior Lecturer,
MSC College (now SEGi
College, KL).

The Path

Terang Bulan

Big Dipper

Fan Fern

Dzulkifli Buyong

Was born in1948atKuala Lumpur.

Was called anakberbakatluarbiasa
while studying at the Victoria
Institution, Kuala Lumpur .
Being famous and revered since a
young age .
Get guidance from Patrick Ng Kah Onn
, Wednesday Art Group and formal art
education at the Institute Teknologi
His artwork using pastel chalk media .
At the age of 16 years he has won
various awards including a gold medal
from the Queen Raja Tengku Ismail
Tengku Budriahdan Prime Minister
Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al - Haj.
When the age of 17 years he won
third place in the National Poster
Drawing Contest.

School Boy (Budak


Burning Ants


Menyisir Rambvut

Ismail Mustam

Ismail Mustam
Was born at Sungai Air
Tawar, Selangor on 1944
Youngest member in
Wednesday Art Group and
learn drawing from Patrick
Ng Kah Onn
Have make mural for
Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
Malay Youth Hostel Association
United Malayan Banking
Corporation di Bangkok

Hang Tuah and Hang


Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka Mural


Syed Ahmad Jamal

Born in 19 September 1929

at Bandar Maharani, Johor
In 1995 ,he was
awardedHadiah Seni
Negara by State of the Art
World painting homeland
since the 30s to the 50s
dominated the conventional
style, Realist, Impressionist
and Expressionist.
On July 30, 2011, he died at
the age of 82 at his home in
Gombak, Selangor.

Hujan Rahmat

The Baits

Soal Palestin

Sirih Pinang

The Basic Philosophy

it has been said that the fundamental

philosophical counsellor sown has become a
major force in the arts in Malaysia


We as artists or art researchers should

appreciate local artists, as the brand is
showing that there is beauty in God's creation
and the earth should we need to take a lesson
and also need to take their work as a
reference or inspiration to express our very
buffering local artworks

Thank You