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1. Wood Carving (Awan Larat, Wan
Mustafa Wan Su.)
2. Ceramic & Pottery (Categories,
Design, Contribution)
3. Graphic Design (Term, roles,
history, development, Contribution)
4. Industrial Design (Subfields)

1. Malaysian Photographic (Scene
1960 -1990 an.)
2. Fashion (Culture, Traditional
Costume, Design, Contribution)
3. Printing (history, development,
4. Fine Metal (Element)

Past Sem Question

Describe in detail Awan Larat which is the basic design
principle that governs the Malay woodcarving.
Term Awan Larat can be translated literally as
Stretching Cloud It metaphor for the flow of the
dancers hands, of life and of nature.
There are 4 rules governing Awan Larat according
to Wan Mustafa Wan Su.

1. The design elements must be evenly distributed in

the composition.
2. The empty spaces or not carved areas should be
the same as carved areas.
3. The Element must be a plant, Animals or humans
should never be depicted.
4. When there is a central motif (Ibu), the other
secondary design elements are to be repeated
around it.

Awan Larat had Described into 3 Categories.

1. Design which give advice about Godliness through
carving or to teach the coming generation about
2. Design which please the eye through the creation
of Awan Larat that are beautiful but without
3. Design which show the reverence the plant as a
creatures of God.

Past Sem Question

Discuss the Traditional potteries & Contemporary
Traditional potteries
Pottery as a local craft made from clay, created for the
functional purposes to keep a drinking water or food
container .Pottery was started from Neolithic age and
the term gave by archeologist as a primitive pottery.

Example: Labu Sayung or Sayung Pottery is a

blackened clay, burned with coconut husk fiber and
burned with rice chaffs - black colour. The motives
on Labu Sayung emphasize on natural patternsand
simple geometric patterns. When finished it is
customary to glaze the bottoms of the water bottle
with dammar to render them waterproof. It is used
to keep the drinking water.

Contemporary Ceramic
GREEK : KEROMOS , A hard brittle material made
by firing clay and similar substances.
Type: Earthenware, Stoneware, Bone china &
Categories : Sculptural Ceramic, industrial
Ceramic & Studio Ceramic

Past Sem Question

Write and Explain the differences between the design found on
traditional potteries and modern ceramic in Malaysia. Support your
answers with Example.
Traditional potteries
Functional design (Peresapan, Labu Sayong)
Floral and Geometry Motif (Bunga tanjung, bunga padi)
Made from Clay only and finished it is customary to glaze the
bottoms of the water bottle with dammar to render them

Contemporary Ceramic
More for Decorative design (Clock, Cup, Plate)
Sculptural Ceramic, industrial Ceramic & Studio

Past Sem Question

Elaborate the term & Meaning of Graphic & discuss the
background history of graphic Design in Malaysia.
Term and meaning.

Graphikos = Write & Draw

The process of working with word and pictures to

create solution to problem of visual communication.

Background history of graphic Design in Malaysia.

1850 to 1943 : Modernization and Commerce
During this time, graphic design was used by the
British as part of their strategy to expand its
powerful enterprise, which resulted in the
development of graphic design as a marketing tool.
In other words, graphic design was used to create the
identity and face of British Malaya.

Background history of graphic Design in Malaysia.

1943 to 1945 : Period of Aesthetic Prejudices
Period of Japanese occupation for the next three years
in Malaya. Life in this period had a defining impact on
the handling of graphic arts, where all forms of
printed media were turned into Japanese propaganda.
In other words, design was used in the service of
control and influence, in this case, for the promotion
of Japanese values.

Background history of graphic Design in Malaysia.

1945 to 1957 : New Emerging National Identity
Malaya went back into the hands of the British, which
led to a new fervor fornationalism. Graphic design
that was developing in this new context attempted
to show a more nationalistic undertaking, through
its positioning of communications media and
ideology of the nation.

Background history of graphic Design in Malaysia.

where a guerrilla war was fought between the
Commonwealth armed forces and the Malayan
Communist Party .This war led to the explosion of
highly intense graphics propaganda. Graphics and
illustrations with planted messages and political
manipulations were distributed through different
underground channels and network.

Graphic Contribution?
1. Corporate Identity (Logo)
2. Advertising (Marketing)
3. Packaging
4. Signage
5. Wedding
6. Etc

Graphic Roles ?
1. To inform
2. To attract
3. To persuade

Past Sem Question

Define the term Industrial Design & Choose 2 of 3
subfields of Industrial Design by giving several example:


means = Design of Form.

Industrial design is combination of applied art and

applied science to improve the aesthetics,
ergonomics, functionality, and usability of a product,
but it may also be used to improve the product's
marketability and production.

Industrial Designs Subfield.

Product Design

Past Sem Question

Discuss the development of Malaysian Photographic
Scene from the 1990s to 1990s:

PHOS = Light.
Graphis = Stylus/Painbrush
Writing / Drawing with Light.

Malaysian photography had evolved & begun just about

the same time as the Malaysian fine art scene.
60s 80s = Saw a big number of studio, photography
club, and amateurs, hobbyist joining the pioneering
photography in their quest to capture the perfect
image with strong salon style of subject approached
& photo presentation. Self taught ,seeking tips from
reading photography journal or magazines n from
other buddies.

Past Sem Question

List down and elaborate the important elements in
forming contemporary accessories for metal works.