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Charles Correa

Ankita Agrawal (02) & Karan Sahi(14)

Life History
Born in Hyderabad on September 1,

Graduated from the University of
Michigan College of Architecture and
Urban Planning in 1953.
Masters from Massachusetts Institute of
Technology in 1955.
Married to Monika Sequeira in 1961 and
beared two children Chinu and Nakul.
Contemporary architect.
Worked under B.V. Doshi for 3 yrs.
Started his private practice in 1958
Over 120 projects to his credit.

1964-65 Planning for

1969 Design of low-cost
housing , Lima, Peru, UN.
1971-74 Chief

Architect to CIDCO.
1975 Consultant to U.N.

Secretary-General for
HABITAT & consulting
Architect, Government of
1982 Consultant to U.N.
University, Tokyo, Japan.

1974 Bannister

Fletcher professor,
University of London.
1985 Nehru
Professor, Cambridge
University, U.K.
1972 Padma Shri.
1984 The Royal Gold
Medal for Architecture
by RIBA.
1998 The Aga Khan
Award for Architecture.
2006 The Padma

Open-to-sky spaces:

the religious
ceremonies in asia
have always
movement through
open to sky spaces.
Plays with natural
light & shades.
Creation of illusions.
Level diffrences to
reduce the amount of
roof surface exposed
to sun.

Renowned Structures

Ahemdabad , 1958-64
1st imp work in private

Gandhi Smarak Sanghralaya

Memorial museum and study

centre housing some 30,000

letters written to and by
Gandhi, photographs and
modular units 6m x 6m of
RCC connecting spaces, both
open and covered, allowing
eventual expansion.

materials like stone

floors, brick walls,

wooden doors and
louvered windows
devoid of glass and
tiled roofs are used

Vidhan Bhavan
Bhopal, 1980
State Assembly of

Madhya Pradesh, with a

library, combined hall,
conference hall.
Building takes the Hindu's
'Navgraha Mandala,' the
pattern of nine squares
depicting the nine planets
and the universe, but
instead of a square a
circle is used.

Three main entrances: for citizens to the south-west;

legislators to the north-west; and VIPs to the south -east.

Walls covered with enchanting paintings.
Similar in nature to Louis I Kahns National Assembly,
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Legislator's Foyer, the grandest space in the complex.

Vidhan Sabha) takes the form of Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi.
More of a conceptual architecture rather than one

determined by site, materials, Climate and Economics


Bharat Bhavan
Bhopal, 1975-81
Public garden, museum and

performing arts centre.

Influenced by Chandigarh
Court-House by Le Corbusier.
In Correas words, This art
centre is located on a
particularly beautiful site - a
gently sloping plateau
overlooking the Upper Lake
and the historic city of
Bhopal across the water.

One of the most sophisticated expressions of the ideas the

The natural contours of the site have been used to create a
series of sunken and terrace gardens around which a
number of cultural facilities are organized.
top lit cannon provides light and ventilation to the sunken
covered spaces.

Consists of the following units:

Roopankar - Museum of fine arts

Rangmandal - A repertory
Vagarth - A centre of Indian poetry
Anhad - A library of classical and folk
Ashram - A residence for guest artists.
Openings to the courtyards and
terraces has two sets of shutters, the
inner ones consisting of a combination
of glass and openable panels for
ventilation, and the outer ones with
large wooden doors which can be.

Hawkers Pavement
Bombay, 1968.
During the day pavements are

used intensively by the

As the evening falls, it is used for
The project was recommended
to Bombay Municipal Corporation
for one of the citys principal
streets, Dadabhai Naoroji Road
to deal with both the day
hawkers and night sleepers.
Proposed idea, 2 metres wide,
0.6 metre.

Bay Island Resort

Port Blair, Andaman Island,

Resort for accommodation of
100 guests in 50 bedrooms.
Pitched roof is constructed of
local redwood known as
Buildings arranged around
courtyards connected by
covered corridors.
Guest rooms in clusters of
twelve arranged in an L-shape
on two levels, giving each room
a view of the water.

Stepped pyramid

covered by a pitched
roof does not need any
enclosing walls to keep
out the sun and rain, but
allows the prevailing
breezes to flow through.
Furniture designed by
the architect himself.

City Centre
Salt Lake, Kolkata, 2003-04.
Size - 4,00,000 sq ft.
Gross leasable area - 3 Lac sqft.
Estimated cost of project - Rs. 120

Shopping mall along with a residential
block, bridal suite & multi-purpose hall.
Divided into no. of blocks.
Block A Shopping mall of 3 levels
with food court (for 500) & a multi
purpose hall (15,000 sq. feet).
Block B, C, D, E Shops on two floors
with restaurant, beauty parlour, health
club, etc.

Cineplex with four screens and

sitting capacity of more than 1000.

An elegantly decorated bridal suite.
A fountain plaza surrounded by
steps to relax.
The Kalighat paintings and the art \
wall complement the cities artistic
Exclusive residential block of 60
designer homes comprising twothree
-four bed roomed apartments.
Ample parking space in residency.
A hrose-drawn tram car.

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