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Creating Wealth from Waste in

Latin America
June 2014

Regional Waste to Wealth (W2W) program

Our goal is to lead solid waste
solutions that:
1) take care of the environment,
2) improve the quality of life and
work of recyclers (waste
3) facilitate the development of a
local recycling market,
4) are sustainable in time and
involve our business, people
and products.


Our goal is to close the recycling loop!

1. Support waste
pickers & their

4. Create awareness
in our consumers
(through youth)

2. Help develop a
local market for
PET (transformed

3. Buy bottles with

recycled PET
when financially

Waste to Wealth results by TrueImpact

Our goal in 2014 is to: maintain programs and ensure
sustainability: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Dominican
Republic, Guatemala and Jamaica.
Social / Environmental Benefit KPIs (2012):
Social impacts 165,000 people trained
2,700 new jobs created by recycling
Increased individual income of USD$ 2,150
Increased revenue of recycling organizations USD
Environmental impacts 2.2 MM kwh of electricity saved
6,200 barrels of oil saved
6,500,000 BTU energy saved
12,000 landfill cubic yards of landfill space saved
3,000,000 gallons of water saved
2,170 metric tons CO2 conserved