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International Organization

Structure of Siemens

Siemens operates in six segments; industry, healthcare, energy, Siemens IT solutions, services and Siemens financial services, and equity investments. There are fourteen divisions of these six
segments including: the Divisions Industry Automation, Drive Technologies, Building Technologies, Osram, Industry Solutions and Mobility, the division of Fossil Power Generation,
Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Power Transmission and Power Distribution, the Divisions Imaging & Information Technology, Workflow and Solutions, and Diagnostics.
The industry sector of Siemens is specifically designed for industry customers who specialize in production, transportation, and building systems. The energy sector focuses on electrical energy,
specifically products and solutions for the generation, transmission, and distribution of it. The healthcare sector offers products, solutions, service, and consulting for the healthcare industry. The
IT service sector specializes in corporate financing and IT solutions. They cover the entire IT service chain. The service and financial service sector specializes in the management of office and
commercial property. The equity investments sector specializes in household appliances and communication networks.
Siemens is an international company that operates in over 190 regions. Siemens had an income of 1.859 billion euro from continuing operations in 2008. Their fiscal income for 2008 had
revenue of 77.3 billion euro.
Siemens vision is: a world of proven talent, delivering breakthrough innovations, giving their customers a unique competitive edge, enabling societies to master their most vital challenges, and
creating sustainable value. Siemens values are: responsibility and committing to ethical and responsible actions, excellence and achieving high performance and excellent results, and innovation
and being innovative to create sustainable value.