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  Comrade Doton Bld.
1 Year

Address :大阪市中央区道頓堀1-6-15

¥ 11,000,000 + tax of 5% and agent fees
of 8.5%
W 20.5 m × H 7 m   1 face   143.5㎡


1-3 Years


Inkjet Sheet printed. Illuminated by top lights

•Apprx production charge 6.5 Million Yen +tax
•Monthly electricity charge about 50,000+tax
•Creative subject to approval
High Circulation in a very famous place in Osaka!
Faces the beginning of the light life area just across the river.
Lots of youth, busy shopping area by day, and busy light life, all
night long well into morning

DEC: 150,000
Holidays 300,000