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Multimedia Messaging: Marketing and Use Cases

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MMS Coming of Age

Critical mass of MMS enabled
handsets reached
Mobile internet is more pervasive
Greater uptake of 3G
Increasing availability of cheaper
camera-enabled handsets

• In 2009 MMS revenues will reach
over $31 Billion USD
• MMS is a Multimedia channel for
connecting users, applications and
on-line services.

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All rights reserved Source: MMA 2008 . Premium services and Fun applications © 2009 Acision BV.Top 10 Countries (MMS/Sub/Month) • Leading countries have focused on – – – – – Segmentation. looking to the youth market Subsidized MMS & camera enabled handsets MMS price bundling/flat rate pricing Enabling Social network uploads (e. flikr) Viral Marketing.g.g. facebook. e.

MMS Price and Usage Comparison • Comparison of Mobile operator prices and multimedia messages per year © 2009 Acision BV. All rights reserved .

content.Multimedia Messaging User Segments Non subscribed users Non-users • Need to address why they do not use the service (provisioning. All rights reserved Version No: 0. coverage.1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number: 5 . Devcie?) Subscribed but haven’t sent MMS in >3months Light Users • Stimulate and call to action • Target with Viral content Sent/Received MMS during last 3months Frequent Users • Reward them for their custom • Target new services via MMS Business • Attract with special company rates • Prove benefits to their business Adult/Young Professionals • Targeted advertising and messaging bundles Youth (Content Creators) • Stimulate this segment with content and applications to help them socialize © 2009 Acision BV.

and Nightclub Promotion Photographers & Artist Exhibitions Entertainment Media – • Send multimedia previews or reminders for TV shows. product reviews and time/event related mobile promotions Coupons sent via MMS can be used to quantify Mobile advertising success Interact with readers. All rights reserved Version No: 0. movie premieres. Event. Mobilize Ads & Classifieds Social Responsibility – Police and local councils can use images and videos captured by citizens to stop vandalism © 2009 Acision BV.1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number: 6 . artistic exhibitions Newspaper & Magazine publications – • Create mobile coupons.Beyond P2P MMS The Intimacy and Immediacy of mobile pictures provides huge opportunities • Mobile Advertising for Brands & Retail – – • • • • • RSS Feeds Converted to MMS to follow real-time news feeds Real Estate Brokers/Agents can send house pictures and details Restaurant.

All rights reserved Version No: 0.1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number: 7 .BMW Multimedia Campaign BMW MMS Ad Campaign Generates $45M in Revenue* • • • • • BMW sent a customized MMS when the first snow fell The image had the model. colour and wheel rims of the car customers had bought that Summer Links to BMW’s mobile website meant users could select alternate tyres (and wheel rims) to upload to the tyre simulator Success of this service was due to 3 factors • Individualized – you could see what the tyre looked like on your car • Localized – easy to find a local dealership • Timely – MMS delivered at exactly the right time to trigger the sales process BMW had a 30% response rate to this MMS *Estimating 117K subscriber base*30% response rate*1.3K USD per tyre/rim set © 2009 Acision BV.

All rights reserved Version No: 0.1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number:8 .000 individual uses during the month • The campaign won awards at the 3GSM Awards and in Cannes Media Gran Prix © 2009 Acision BV. Target was 50. Consumers took their picture and sent it via MMS.AMF Pensions Campaign • • • • MMS campaign by AMF Pension (Sweden). The returned picture showed the consumer 30 years older.000 individual uses of the MMS application • Result was more than 300.

All rights reserved Version No: 0.1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number: 9 .Vodafone Italy Premium MMS services • Large selection of premium services available on subscription © 2009 Acision BV.

10 each.000 paid to creators. SeeMeTV and LookAtMe! (O2 UK) combined to form Eyevibe © 2009 Acision BV. Total of £100. All rights reserved Version No: 0.See Me TV in the UK • • • • • • • • Record a video & Uploaded via a dedicated short code Users pay £0.50 to post a video Viewer downloads are charged at a minimum of £0.000 video clips ~1 million downloads per month. and the servuce recorded a gross margin of 90% In February 2008.1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number: 10 . 10% is returned to the originator of the content Within 4 months uploads surpassed 30.

1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number: 11 . All rights reserved Version No: 0.99 to send which includes up to 2 recipients. © 2009 Acision BV.000 fans in the US Profitable service that drives follow-on messaging and Web/WAP traffic Each My Veeper message costs $0.Greeting Card Service • • • • • • AT&T's My Veepers A mobile greeting cards service Customers can also upload their own photos for animation Has attracted more than 300.

1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number:12 .“F-Wan” Game The top 3 players each week were awarded PUMA F1 merchandise.Puma Multimedia Campaign in China • • • Mobile Adver-Gaming . Version No: 0. • • © 2009 Acision BV. Players could also get wall papers and mobile “themes” based on the race game to let them personalize their phones. All rights reserved To bring traffic to the stores. PUMA sent an MMS coupon to each person that downloaded the mobile driving game The coupon was redeemable for a mobile phone accessory in the store.

1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number: 13 . All rights reserved Version No: 0.Mobile Model Search in UK • • • Over 11K MMS submission in 4 weeks Picture and video messaging to enhance customer interactivity Encouraging mass uptake of multimedia messaging © 2009 Acision BV.

rate or download the entries.go to MeTV Users with the most creative entries based on a judges’ decision will win a chance to meet Rihanna in person. Users send in videos/pictures of their best Rihanna impersonation via MMS To view. All rights reserved Version No: 0.Video Campaign in Malaysia • • • • Take part in RIHANNA-MANIA for a chance to meet Rihanna. © 2009 Acision BV.1 / Status: DRAFT Slide Number:14 .

etc .Cyworld users spend USD 300 per day on merchandising and services to the community © 2009 Acision BV.Close to 20% of its Korean user based access the mobile version via consumers uploading their photos.SK Telecom gained USD 43.6 million in additional data revenues from cyworld from photo uploading .Users upload 100.000 videos every day . All rights reserved .Example Services from others…. • Cyworld (Sth Korea) .96% of all South Koreans in their 20s registered in 2006. .

All rights reserved .Example Services from others…. • Targeted traffic volumes and not revenue • Achieved higher than average MMS per user: 6 to 8 • Reached 16 MMS per active user per month during height of promotions • Marketing began after high MMS handset penetration reached (2004/05) • “Free MMS” campaigns : 30% increase after free weekend offers © 2009 Acision BV.

All rights reserved 1-800 Flowers • Video contests with YouTube • “Will you Marry Me” .20 per MMS Keyword is texted and house details sent to buyers mobile © 2009 Acision BV.Most romantic proposal • Prize wedding at Sandals resort • Video valentines • Widget to send virtual flowers to people Coors & Super bowl • Send videos explaining why you should be selected to go to the Super bowl • Visitors to Coors site vote on the submissions . • • • • Estate agents create and send virtual property tours to home buyers mobile phone Free trial After that USD 0.Example Services from others….

SMS or email – Can be used to pass through security. gain access to airline lounges and register baggage • The trial will run in seven cities. All rights reserved .Barcode Boarding Passes (Europe) • SAS Scandinavian Airlines started a Mobile Barcode trial period in April 2009 • Barcode boarding passes are delivered either by MMS. London Heathrow and Stockholm • SAS’s aims is that 80% of their customers check in via their mobile by 2011 • Other Airlines using this type of service include – – – – Air France-KLM Lufthansa BMI North West Airlines © 2009 Acision BV. Helsinki. including Copenhagen.

MMS and Advertising June 2008 According to a new UK survey. According to a report from Jupiter Research. 56% In-stream video ads and 50% had plans for MMS video campaigns in the next 12 months. commissioned by Mobixell Networks amongst 832 mobile phone users: 35% of 16-35 year-olds would use more MMS and 29% would use more video services if they were offered free or discounted in return for receiving mobile adverts. 2007) Advertisers are also waking up to the potential for reaching mobile users with rich media content. All rights reserved . 58% plan to use MMS images. © 2009 Acision BV. entitled "Mobile Advertising in Europe" (December 26.

com is launching daily MMS and SMS news. containing a latest news story from hellomagazine. The service is only available to UK mobile subscribers. Each MMS messages cost £1 and the SMS alerts cost 25p. All rights reserved . © 2009 Acision BV.Celebrity News and MMS May 2008 Celebrity news site including image. Subscribers to the MMS service will receive one each week day.

© 2009 Acision BV. Under the paperless system. a two-dimensional barcode boarding pass will be sent to mobile phones with picture messaging (MMS) capabilities.Transportation: Airlines May 2008 Northwest Airlines introduces new system for e-boarding passes which incorporates passenger travel details on an industry standard barcode and is sent to mobile phones in the form of an MMS. May 2008 British airline bmi is to trial a paperless boarding system on flights between Belfast City Airport and London Heathrow. The airline said customers would receive an electronic boarding pass on their mobile phone after checking in online. All rights reserved . email or WAP Push/link message.

All rights reserved .Traditional Pictures with a twist March 2008 Vodafone’s digital photo frame with an in-built cellular data modem which allows it to remain constantly connected to the network so your friends and family can send new pictures by MMS or email. © 2009 Acision BV. April 2008 The 7-inch Parrot DF7700 Digital Photo Frame claims to be the first to market that accepts photos sent to it via MMS.

Users upload content to the site by sending a MMS with the photo or video to the shortcode "85888.Television and MMS April 2008 CBS has quietly launched a citizen journalism site – CBSEyeMobile where users can upload photos and videos directly from their mobile phone." or by email April 2008 The Next Uri Geller: Dutch viewers were requested to send their images to the RTL TV programme via MMS © 2009 Acision BV. All rights reserved .

Consumers with a camera phone can take a photo of any traditional print ad. © 2009 Acision BV. Instead of entering a word or phrase users send pictures via MMS from their mobile phones. Otello then returns information relevant to the picture to the mobile phone. etc. April 2008 AT&T has "quietly agreed" to support a marketing service that will allow mobile phone campaigns to link print ads. reports.Searching evolved to Images March 2008 Vodafone demonstrates image searching. billboards and product packaging with digital media. All rights reserved . or coupons. just like a normal search engine. The picture can be anything from a historical building to a CD cover.. or logo and send it in via MMS or picture message in return for additional information in the form of microsites. audio or video clips. product package.

(unfortunately – they lost.Football and MMS May 2008 Yorkshire Post encouraged Leeds United fans to send their pictures from the Championship football match in Wembley. But… the paper also asked for commiseration messages to be sent as well!) © 2009 Acision BV. All rights reserved .