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1. Links : The roadways or tracks connecting two or more

Pipes, Beltways, Sea-lanes, and Airways can be considered as

2. Vehicles : the means of moving people or

from one node to another along a link.

3. Terminals
the nodes where travel and shipment begins or ends.
the end of a railroad or other transport route, or a station at such
a point.
Examples are :
Parking lots, off street parking lots, loading blocks, bus stops ,
airports, and bus terminals.

4.Management and labor

the people who construct , operate, manage , and maintain the
links, vehicles, and terminals.

Researchers have identified nine categories of human

behavior that are affected by transportation:
1. Locomotion -movement or the ability to move from one place
to another.
(Passenger, pedestrians)
2. Activities -the condition in which things are happening or being
( e.g Vehicle control, maintenance )
3. Feelings - an emotional state or reaction.
(e.g ., Comfort, Convenience, Enjoyment, Stress , Likes , Dislikes )
4. Manipulation - handle or control (a tool, mechanism, etc.),
typically in a skillful manner.
(e.g., modal choice, route selection, vehicle purchase )
5. Health and Safety -the laws, rules, and principles that are
intended to keep people safe from injury or disease at work
and in public places.
(e.g., accidents, disabilities, fatigue.)
6. Social Interaction -A social interaction is an exchange between
two or more individuals and is a building block of society. Social
interaction can be studied between groups of two (dyads),
three (triads) or larger social groups.
(e.g., privacy , territoriality, conflict, imitation )

Ocean transport:- is a method of carrying

people, goods and etc with the means of
barges, boats, ships or sailboat over rivers,
canals, oceans, or seas. The main purpose
of travel by this mean is that it can be for
commerce, leisure/recreational, or military

Pipeline transportis the transportation of
goods or material through apipe.
Oil pipelines are made fromsteelor
plastictubes which are usually buried. The
oil is moved through the pipelines by
pumpstations along the pipeline.
A Gas Pipeline is a pipe used to transport
gas from gas wells to the processing units
and then to a distribution system. Natural
gas is directly delivered to homes or
businesses through a broad network of Gas

for hire. These categories are also known, respectively

as public or private transportation , but these terms refer
to their availability to the general public and private
parties, respectively, not to their ownership.
For hire systems are classified into common and
contract carriers.
Common carriers generally offered scheduled
service and are open to all members of the public
willing to pay the posted fare.
Contract carriers are ready to provide service to the
public under individual contractual arrangements.
Mass transportation usually means forms of
transportation that move a fairly large number of people
at one time throughout a metropolitan urban/suburban
area. It usually refers to a system that includes bus,
light rail, rapid transit rail (subways and elevated lines)