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Presented by First Group:
Elviyasa Gaberia Siregar
2. Heni Yuliani
3. Nurlaisa
4. Yogi Hariyanto

What is mainstream culture? Mainstream culture is the behavior of the groups based on its values and beliefs. Definition 1. What is Individual Behavior? Individual behavior is the actions. .A. 2. and activities of one person.

. This behavior does not apply all the time.3. What is Stereotype? Stereotype is an exaggerated belief about a group often based on a lack of information or contact with member of that group. What is Generalization? Generalization is general behavior which is described by a statement. 4.

.5. What is mosaic? Mosaic is a society in which ethnic groups retained their separate identities but toghether from the larger community. 6. What is melting pot? Melting pot is a society in which ethnic groups blend and become one group.

What is majority? Majority is a number that is more than one half of the total number or a group that is larger or more powerful then other groups. 8.7. What is minority? Minority is a number that is less then one-half of the total number or a group that is not part of the larger or more powerful group. .

10. What is homogeneous? Homogeneous is made of one of group having member that are all the same.9. . What is heterogenous? Heterogeneous is made up of variety of group having member that are not all the same.

Even the word American is confusing. . After all. The Term “American” There are so many types of Americans and yet a mainstream culture does exist. American is consisting and includes North America. The term Americans describes the people who were born and raised in the United States.B. Central America and South America.

A description of American In this material explained about generalizations about Americans.e. Americans don’t come from a common ancestor.C. Some people might argue that it is impossible to generalize about American. Americans do have a common heritage. but it is based on cultural diversity or multiculturalism . Expect for native Americans ( i. Indian) American come from different Immigrant and refugee groups.

The following list of values can easily describe many American. acting and communicating are a direct result of cultural values. Certain ways of thinking.D. A Foreign Anthropologist’s observation of Americans It is important to understand american values if you want to understand America behavior. .

rank. They influence how many American think and act. 5. and honesty X Indirectness 11. Control over time : Time flies X Time walks 4. Informality X formality 10. Self-help X Birthright inheritance 7. are the backbone of American culture. status. Materialism X Spiritualism .E. American values are: 1. 6. Action and work orientation X Being orientation 9. Individualism and privacy X Group orientations. openness. Equality and egalitarianism X Hierarchy. we should also point out that Americans see all of these values as very positive ones. Directness. Personal control over the environment X fate 2. American Values Value such the ones just described. Future orientation X Past orientation 8. Before proceeding to the list itself. Change (change is healthy) X Tradition 3.

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