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90M Session 2

Building Your Business

4 Basics

Building Your Business with 4 Basics
BWW IBO Starter Pack
Contacting & Inviting
Show the Plan (STP)
Follow up & Getting Started

Building Your Business

BWW IBO Starter Pack (10

Attitude CD
5 Years or 45 Years: Your Choose CD
642 Marketing Plan Pad
Namelist Pad
Shop@home Pad
Getting Stated Right Pad
Pocket Diary
For the above 7 items only $20
BWW Basics Book $14
100-Point Per week Card
Monthly Business Analysis Sheet

4 Basics (1) Namelist

Namelist is our capital in this business
Build a list of 100 names
Start with 20-50 names from your phones, and
add to that everyday
Building the namelist is an on-going and dynamic
There are three categories:
A List : friends and relatives
B List: acquaintance & social contacts
C List: People you yet to know

Use BWW NameList Pad to systematically

track the progress of each prospect

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

Objectives: to get the prospects to see the
plan and thereby develop new IBOs and
18-29 years old Internet approaches and
income approaches work best
Over 30 or Health & Nutrition approaches
work best with prospects
Phone Teams: Getting several IBOs together
to help book appointments for new IBOs in
Preferably held on Sunday night to book
calendar for the week. Best time is between
7.30pm to 9.30pm, to catch people at home
while they are thinking about having to go

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

Refer to BWW Basics
for a list of scripts that you can

Prospect, this is (you). How are you doing?
Im not sure if I told you that Im working with a group
of business owners who are developing a franchise
business in wellness industry, and were expanding
with a few other people who might be interested in
taking advantage of a really good opportunity.
Are you using the Internet at all?
Then you already know there are tremendous profits
to be made online, and I know youll be interested in
the fact that were backed by one of the largest
company in its industry, with health and nutrition
products and literally hundreds of other goods and
Not only you can save tie and money with your own
purchases, there is huge profit potential just for
steering other people to this site
Id like to give you some information about our

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

Internet eCommerce Example
Do you have a computer, or access to one?
Im sure you are aware that in the future, for
almost anything you purchase, youll be
able to save both time and money by
accessing it from your computer and have it
delivered to your door.
Ive found a way to make big money on the
web through a new business venture in ecommerce.
Its one of the biggest single integrated web
sites in the world, and were the only
business that shows people how to buy
merchandise at discounts and how to
develop a revenue stream by referring

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

Another Internet eCommerce Example
If I could show you how to earn income
and save money with the Internet,
would you be interested? Im sure that
you are aware that in the future you will
be able to save time and money by
accessing almost anything you
purchase from your computer and
having it delivered to your door. In
addition to the savings and
convenience, there is also tremendous
profit potential by referring other
people to the site. How many people do
you know who are looking for a way to
make money and save money as well?

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

Another Internet eCommerce
Are you dong any shopping online?
Im working with an Internet business
group that have exclusive web sites
where you can shop online at
discount and in some cases
wholesale like a virtual mall, and also
develop a strong secondary income
with it.
We need to get together so I can

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

Calling for your downline
Hi, (Prospect), this is (you). I dont believe weve met
yet, but Im a friend of (downlines).
Im with a team in the area and have just brought
(downline) aboard, and we have a few more slots
were looking to fill and (he/she) thought you might be
We are part of a group of business owners who are
backed by one of the biggest shopping destinations
ever created, and the opportunity for profit is huge.
Im sure youre busy and I dont really have time to go
into details right now, but I told (downline) I would
give you a chance to look at this.
Would you be available on ____ or _____?
There is a short presentation I can show you in just a
few minutes and see if we can work together on this.

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

If they ask for more information
There is no way I can explain what
we do on the phone. I would need to
show you several things. I have a
brief CD which will basically explain
what we are doing. Then well see
where you could fit into what were
putting together.
I have _____ or ______ night available.
Which is best for you?

4 Basics (2) Contacting &

Product Approach
Ive just setup a Franchise Sari Sari
store at home. They are all world
class product at economical prices.
Come over to take a look.
Ive installed a water purifier
recently and enjoying the product
very much. I would like to help you to
do a test on the water at your area.
Its important that we protect our
family health.

4 Basics (3) Show The Plan

1. Set at ease
No obligation, Not looking for making a
2. Show prospecting video (household gold or
parable of pipeline) or
do a test on the water, or demo on LOC,
BioC, Protein
Price/Feature comparison on LOC, Dish
Drop, SA8
3. Show them whats your business (iConcept
Store worldclass product, worldclass
company, use Amway product catalogue)
4. The BWW 90day mentoring outline (proven
educational support system that have already
produced many multi-millionaires (show BWW
success stories) and to ensure their success if
they follow the raodmap

4 Basics (3) Show The Plan

Use Posture show the plan, dont sell

the plan.
Are they ambitious? Teachable?
You only need 6 leaders to achieve
Sponsor 6-6-8-6-6 to find leaders and
those who are ready
Build 6 wide and 5 deep to go platinum
Build 6 wide and 15 deep to go

4 Basics
(4) Follow Up and Getting
Startedwith your prospect to
Book an appointment

get together within 48 hours to retrieve the

literature pack you loaned to them
Ask your prospect what level they see
themselves: Client or IBO
If they say, IBO, then say Great, lets
develop a list of names and talk to some of
your prospects to check their interest
If they say Client, then you say Great,
lets go ahead and get you registered. Let
me show you some of the advantages
youll have when shopping with Amway
Some may not ready and need more
information, invite them to the Open
meeting on Friday, lend them some CDs
If they are not ready to be IBO, start them

4 Basics
(4) Follow Up and Getting

Getting Started:
Place the first order
Review the game plan for success
(90 day mentoring programme
Book the next meeting
Purchase the BWW IBO starter
Pack and BWW Basics ($20+$14)

How to Show the Plan (CGS3-E)
Follow up & Follow Thru (by Charlie

No Experience Necessary Contacting &
Inviting made easy by Ron Baker
Pro-Sumer Power by Bill Quain

Thank you