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Ground support equipment

Technical English
Instructor: Marileide Esqueda

Class main goal

1) To improve vocabulary concerning ground
support equipment;
2) To develop reading skills to recognize the
descriptions of ground equipments; (using their
strategies: relating the word to the picture;
relating their technical knowledge with pictures
and words)
3) Practice oral production of ground equipment
definitions; (report their findings)

Tow bar

A tow bar is used to connect two objects,

like a trailler to a car. If you plan to
connect and disconnect it frequently, then
you may use a collapsible tow bar.

Tow tractor
Conventional tugs use tow bars to connect
another aircraft by its nose wheel; then
they push the aircraft to a position from
which it can safely move under its own
power before disconnecting.

Air start unit

Air start unit is an extern unit used in

aviation or another area to provide
compressed air to engine starter.

Jet refueler
It is a vehicle used to replace fuel and water
of the aircrafts.

Electrical power unit

An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a device

installed on a vehicle whose purpose is to
provide energy for many functions or
propulsion. Different types of APU are
found on aircrafts, as well as in some
large ground vehicle.

Ground air conditioner

A Ground Air Conditioner (GAC) is a device

installed on a vehicle whose purpose is to
provide air to the aircraft, when it is still on
the ground.

Lavatory truck

A Lavatory Truck is a device installed on a

vehicle whose purpose is to assist the
laudering of the aircraft.

Airtraffic maintenance truck

An Airtraffic Maintenance Truck (AMT) is a

device whose purpose is to provide with
accessory tools and it also assists in the
maintenance of the aircraft. It is important
for small repairs.

Potable water truck

An Portable Water Truck (PWT) is adevice

whose purpose is to provide water for
bathroom, for exemple.

Wheel chock

This equipment is used for supporting very

heavy load. Also used in cars, airplanes
and other vehicles.

Boom truck

This equipment is used to elevate people or


Baggage trailer

This equipment is used for carrying the

passengers bagagge to the aircraft.

Baggage conveyor

This equipment is used for transfering the

baggagge from the ground to the aircraft
conveyor (baggage compartment).

Container / pallet leader

A device which lifts platforms loading or
unloading for mechanical repairs;

Catering vehicle

Used for transporting food and equipment to

the aircraft.

Mobile passanger stairs

Allows the passengers to go up or down into

the aircraft.

Universal step

A plataform with guardrails which allows

quick and easy raising and lowering.

Passenger transfer vehicle

It is designed to transfer passengers in a

safe, comfortable and easy way through
the airport.