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Vision Developing responsive urban fringe by fulfilling urban economy and housing needs What is it Responding to: Transition from semi-urban to urban Fulfilling the needs of: Economy Residential deficit .

Source: vibrant Gujarat 2017 . while one such SEZ. Three dedicated textile SEZ are planned to be developed in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad.Gujarat manufacturing sectors Gujarat is the largest producer (33%) and exporter (60%) of cotton in the country.Manchester Of East/Denim City. Surat Apparel Park is functional.

skilled 14700-unskilled .Surat Apparel Park Area – 56 hectares Facilities• Garment Testing Center • Exhibition Hall • Marketing Arcade • Design Centers • Information Technology Center • Bank • Service Blocks • Departmental/ Provision Stores • Fire Station • Healthcare • Restaurants Employees – 66150 workers 51450.

Vizag.Brandix India Apparel City. Area – 1000 hectares Facilities• Logistics • Warehouse Housing • Hostel • food court • support facilities Employees – 60000 .P. A.

.There are approximately 5000 sellers from Gujarat on ebay out of which around 2500 export their products.

Warehouse s Small scale industries Startups/ workshops Retails Relationship E-commerce logistic hub .

Introvert in Nature Multi modal planning Create negative space / security issues Integrated planning .

Affordable housing in Ahmedabad These housing depend upon industries..machinery and equipments and packing of goods. Kathwada has many small scale industries. 3. 1. 4 2 13 3. products fabrications and packing of goods. Approximately 20 affordable housing. Approximately 15 affordable housings. And approximately 30 affordable housings. Narol has manufacturing of iron & steel making and plastics. Approximately 15 affordable housing 2. New Maninagar has industries and many small and medium scale industries nearby. . Vatwa has many textile.