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Biswas gets a taste of
Palamau’s medicine

WHO? • Residents of Palamau. Bihar. • Dr. Biswas • Unprofessional practitioners as doctors .

.WHERE? • Palamau. Bihar.

689 doctors to 8. Biswas a professional certified doctor Quacks risking people’s lives by treating them with glucose drips and injections of tetracycline and ampicillin.WHAT? • • • • • Quacks on drip business Dr. Atleast the quacks are performing their jobs right by handing out anti-malarial medicines . reusing the same needle and tube (the kit) for a long period of time is also a factor contributing. Bihar has 25.883 nurses along with the extra remaining quacks.

The villagers cannot afford the expensive treatments of the quacks so they have to depend on the local witch doctors giving a couple of eggs.WHY? • The Health Centres were built. They (doctors) recruit patients for their own practice. Despite the financial investment. the infrastructure availed didn’t rise because of poor vigilantes. but do they function well and • • • • were doctors attending the designated offices? Still the treatments are carried away counting on Paisa rather than services. The doctors when interviewed confirmed that the stocks of antibiotics and life-saving drugs along with anti snake-bites and anti-rabies drugs were non-existent. .

28 but the patients visiting the doctors are charged Rs.12 per bottle and the retail price of the same is Rs. The doctors carrying out private practices were only present and the chief doctors along with the nurses were on leave.150225 only for the doctors to pay at the retail business of the same. This nets to amount of Rs.10-15 per shot. the doctors charge the visitors for 15 injections of 2 ml each charging Rs. The Latehar sub-division have bags dirty and diseased. .HOW? • Case 1: In the wholesale business the glucose drips are sold at • • Rs.8-10 for 30 ml at retail. 100-150 per bottle. Case 2: The tetracycline injections are sold at Rs.