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Today we are learning to:
Describe the daily changes of the Earth and the tidal
impact due to the gravitational impact of the Earth
and moon

Tides- Causes
1. Tides are caused by
the gravitational
pull of the moon
and sun and the
centrifugal force of
the Earth (the spin
of the Earth)

Types of tides
<- Notice that at some points, the
tidal changes are severe. This is due
to the different types of tides.

Spring Tides

2. Spring tides occur when
there is a new moon or a
full moon.
3. At this point some parts of
Earth will experience
extreme high tides and
their extreme low tides.
4. Since these occur at new
moons and full moons,
locations experience 2
spring tides every lunar

Neap tides
5. Neap tides occur when the
Sun, Earth and moon form a
right angle
6. Neap tides occur
approximately one week after
spring tides.
7. At this point, coastal areas
will see lower high tides and
higher low tides