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Jennifer Lancaster
EDU 120 Foundations of Literacy
Mrs. Hermstedt
Journal Article PowerPoint

• The purpose of this study is to provide conclusions regarding how principals successfully cultivate literacy coaches who help provide their schools with positive literacy outcomes.SUMMARY • In this article. it discusses the significance of the Principal’s relationship with the teacher and the development literacy in Elementary schools. • This study examines different processes that these five principals used to develop leadership and coaching skills of their fellow teachers. • The schools that were selected for this study were known for their low achievement in literacy. • This article discusses a study that was conducted on five different public schools and was used to investigate the different strategies and methods used by principals to help improve their school’s literacy through the use of literacy coaches. .

PRINCIPALS IMPACT • Provided strong leadership which could reflect into strong leadership for teachers • Help produce effective teacher-leaders • Help teachers adopt more effective teaching practices • Provide leadership and coaching skills to improve performances of teacher-leaders which will improve performances in the school .

Reading this study will help teachers adopt more effective teaching practices and help the principals have a better interest in meeting these needs of teacher leaders • . This study showed that teacher-leaders are more effective in helping teachers adopt more effective teaching practices when the principal makes sure that that teacher-leader has had the proper training and support to be an effective literary coach. • The results in this article will help the principals to develop the leadership and coaching skills of teacher-leaders and help improve academic performance in their schools.IMPORTANCE TO EDUCATION • This study in important to education because it help produced a better understanding of the process that principals use to develop literacy coaches in elementary schools. . • In conclusion. this article is important to education because it explains the effective impact that a principal has on a student’s reading and writing.

. I had always though it started with the teacher. • When a principal shows strong commitment towards the teachers. • I viewed this article was explaining how the success of academic achievement was referred to as a chain reaction starting with the principal. this will encourage effective communication between literacy coaches that will help improve student’s literacy abilities. One excellent point that I agree with is the impact of effective and strong leadership. • As I continued on reading this article my opinion started to change. the teachers start to become strong effective leaders for their students.AGREE OR DISAGREE • I already made up my mind that I disagreed with the concept of the principals being a major impact on literary achievement in schools because I believe that achievement in the classroom comes from the hard work of the teacher and student. this article discusses some excellent points regarding the principals. but this article has brought some clarification that this process all starts with a strong foundation of a strong and effective principal.

who plays the most important role regarding a student’s literacy achievement: the principal. the teacher. or the child? .QUESTIONS • What is a literacy coach? • How important is the role of a principal regarding literacy achievement in schools? • In your opinion.