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Guru Darshan Sri Krishna R.J Preetham B.R Deepthi A Jain Shareena D’souza

Introduction Details of Specific Project Findings
Suggestions, Conclusion & Future Line of Research

Industry Profile
• The government set up the National Taskforce on Information Technology and Software Development with the objective of framing a long term National IT Policy for the country. • Enactment of the Information Technology Act, which provides a legal framework to facilitate electronic commerce and electronic transactions. • The government-led National e-Governance Programme, has played an important role in increasing internet penetration in rural India.

• India is a home for Education. There are over 300 Universities and 45,000 Colleges of various types in the country. Most of these educational institutions need a recognition by a competent body / regulatory authority that are supported by the Government of India, State Governments or by Societies. • Mangalore aims to be a one-stop destination for anyone seeking information on India Education, thus spreading numerous opportunities available to the Indian students already pursuing education in India or wishing to study abroad and also to those foreign students who wish to study in India.

Company Profile
Vrixx (Vriksha) - a company pioneering web portal designed to transform the way an educational campus interacts and functions. Customised for Indian educational institutions, Vrixx offers a 24 hour dedicated online campus that can be accessed over the internet from anywhere at anytime. Vrixx provides a rich set of online features and tools.

Problem Statement
To analyse the feasibility of implementation of online campus management solutions of Vrixx by campuses (engineering, management and medical) in Mangalore.

Scope of the study
The study is focused on knowing the feasibility of implementation of online campus management solution by campuses (engineering and management) which are located in and around mangalore regarding implementing online campus management solutions of Vrixx.

Objectives of the study
• To know the level of awareness among the campuses with respect to online management solutions of VRIXX. • To study and understand the attribute which influence the perception of campuses in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi district to implement online management solution. • To know the reasons for which campuses in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi district hesitate to implement online management solution.


OCMS- Online Campus Management Solutions

Details of Specific Project
Data Collection: Primary data: Questionnaires would be distributed among the target respondents to conduct the survey. For clarifications and suggestions, the respondents would be dealt with personally. In this way, information would be collected from the customers to attain the objectives of the survey/ research. Secondary data: Secondary data would be internet to get the information about the current market for online campus management solutions till date.

SAMPLING DESIGN: Sampling unit: The sampling unit of the survey will be Mangalore city. The areas visited will depend upon the location of educational institutions that will be referred to for collecting the information. Sample frame: Sample frame for the study is Mangalore city. Sampling size: All the important areas of Mangalore will be touched to cover the prominent educational institutions. The sampling size selected for the survey will range between 200 to 300.But 150 respondents weredealt with for the purpose of the survey.

Sampling technique: Sample technique is a method of selecting target respondents for the study. The different types of sampling methods used in the study are •Cluster sampling •Random sampling Firstly to conduct the survey all the educational institutions which are in Mangalore were listed among which the educational institutions will be divided into two clusters management and engineering institutions. From these two clusters 7 different institutions were randomly selected to conduct the survey and also for the study.

Statistical tools for data analysis: The various statistical tools for analysis are: Analytical tool used: SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Science) Mean Graphs Degree of formulation of problem: The problem is designed as analytical way so the type of formulation of the problem is analytical, because in this study we analyzed the future demand of Online Campus Management Solutions (primary and secondary). Preposition is going to be test: Future demand for Online Campus Solutions. Management

Limitations of the study: •No cooperation from some institutions (medical). •Short span of time. •Sampling errors •Sample size is small due to short span of time

Key Persons
• Key persons refers to the person who are having the authority of taking decision in the institution, as per their availability we had got some responses but some of the principle and head of the departments are been interviewed for the study.

 Most of all the colleges provide internet facility to all the students and faculties for their academic purpose. Even some of the communication like notices and college information are updated in the college web site.  Some of the respondents are well aware about the online blogs but very few respondents know about the enterprise resource planning (ERP) which tells lot of things has to be done to promote.  The respondents feel that online management solution is require so that the communication can be done in better way, some of the respondents feel that their problems of communicating through manual can be solved through adopting online management solution.  Most of all the respondents feel that implementing the online campus management solution is costlier at the same time they feel they are much more concerned with the benefit derived from any service to the students irrespective of cost.

Most of all the colleges have the official websites and they do update some of the information but not all, they are paying less than 30000 Rs. Per annum for the website. At the same time they feel they can also communicate with alumni’s which is difficult to them with online campus management solution. The average age of the college which we considered for the study is between 5 to 15 years, where most of the colleges are well established, and some have plans to upgrade their infrastructure. Overall all the respondents feel that implementing the online campus management solution will be good idea but the cost and maintenance should be optimum and they need user friendly portal so that they won’t be having any problem in using the portal.

88% of the students have personal computer and laptops, 42% of the respondents have personal internet facility where averagely they use 3 to 6 hours per week. 31% of respondents use the internet for surfing the data and 23% of respondents uses for downloading 21% for community services (orkut/ face book). Most of all the colleges provide internet facility and 66% of colleges have Wi-Fi connectivity, which is helpfull to communicate with the peer meets and the faculties as portability of service (Laptop Users). All the colleges have the college web site and students most use it for academic purpose only, very few will check other uploaded information. 72% of the students share their academic information with their peer meets through pen drive, 23% of the students share their academic information through email (internet). General college information is shared through notice boards and some through memos in classes and very few information are shared through college website.

54% of faculties provide printed materials and 33% of faculties provide slides, 72% the slides are shared through pen drives and some are through emailing. 13% faculties provide notes. 87% of respondents feel that Online Campus Management Solution is required to share their dates' and for communication.  31% of respondents rated average for online campus management solution requirement and 29% of student of respondents rated above average for online campus management solution requirement. On an average most of the respondents feels online campus management solution is needed moderately which minimize their work in sharing the information and for other different needs.

Overall due to unawareness of the blogs, enterprise resource planning students do not know it, once if they start operating with it, then they feel easy working with it and communication can be done easily.

Suggestions & Recommendations
• The company has to first conduct a detailed market research with the decision makers of different management institutions and if required provide information and assistance to them regarding online campus management solutions. • The company has to provide user-friendly portal which is very much needed as most of the users will not prefer complicated portals. Hence, the company can use the idea of orkut or facebook for designing the portal as most of the users will be having an idea to use these websites.

• This is the right time for Vrixx to penetrate into DK and Udupi market with their online campus management solution service products. As there are very less companies which provide this kind of service. • We recommend Vrixx to adopt internet promotions and Direct marketing as their strategic promotions once after creating basic awareness among the target customers. As these two promotional tools will help Vrixx to convey the benefits which an educational institutions can derive to their campus. • The company has to adopt high speed servers as these portals might be used by hundreds of students at a time for many purposes, hence high speed servers are important for providing better customer service

• We recommend print ads and media (TV) promotions to create basic awareness among the target customers (educational institutions), as print ads (news papers, magazines,.etc) are the most common subscriptions made by every educational institution and media (TV) promotions are the way to reach out customers easily. • Also the company can go for publicity by sponsoring events in college fests, educational fairs etc.

As per the study, most of the college have internet facility and even students have their personal internet facility which tells they are used to internet, on an average 3-6 hours respondents use the internet per week which add values in implementing online campus management solution. Apart from the above, due to unawareness of portals and online blogs most of the students are using pen drive to share information. On an average respondents feel that Online Campus Management Solution is required, which will facilitate them in sharing information and communication

• With respect to key persons, they are much more concerned with the benefit derived from any service but not the cost. • They are happy with implementing the service of Online Campus Management Solution but they require user friendly portal so that they can easily operate it with lesser time. Overall, with respect to students and key persons the response was positive towards the feasibility of implementing online campus management solution.

Future line of work
• customized service • creating awareness Concentrating on the above major factors the company can move ahead with pace matching current scenario.

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