How Effective Are

Psychometric Tests?
By: Group 5
Members: Hannah Cha, Reza Fallah, Weng Shuan

Agenda  Introduction to psychometric tests  The different types of psychometric tests  Methods used in our project  The companies that provide psychometric tests  Criticism regarding these tests  Results  Conclusion  Team work .

What are psychometric tests? Standardized psychological tests that measure:  Memory  Intelligence  Aptitude  Personality  Sensitivity etc. Image source: http://www.html

Measurements of Psychometric Tests How people differ in different tasks:  Motivation  Values priorities  Perspectives .

Key Feature of Psychometric Tests Standardization Same test. same condition Fair Unbiased Comparable .

Different Types of Psychometric Tests  Ability test  Deal numerical data  Understand information  Problem solving  Logical reasoning .

Different Types of Psychometric Tests Aptitude tests  How quickly candidates learn new skill Personality tests  Candidate’s typical personality .

Methods Used In The Project Surveys  Jobseekers  Job holders Interviews Academic research .

Enterprises Survey Questions Sample  Do you use psychometric tests? If yes. from which company?  How useful do you find psychometric tests? from scale 1 (unnecessary) to 5 (extremely useful)  What type(s) of psychometric tests are used?  In what ways do you find psychometric useful? .

Postgraduates Survey Questions Sample  Please state your department and university  How many times have you been given psychometric test?  How useful do you think psychometric tests are? From scale 1 (unnecessary) to 5 (crucial)  How was the test from your experience? .

Companies That Provide Psychometric Tests SHL Talent Measurement (SHL) Oxford Psychologists Press (OPP) Cut-E .

Criticisms Of These Tests  Dishonesty  Pre-practice  Medical Issues  Psychometric tests are invalid  Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) .

keeptalkinggreece.  Starbucks  “It has a good format and it is unbiased and fair for all the candidates”.com  “have the ability to determine the level of competency and performance at the job or tasks given”.  The University of Manchester  Ineffective in the recruitment process  Against the university policy .Results Enterprises  HSBC Image source: http://www.

Results Postgraduates and jobholders  Average score of usefulness: 3/5 (Neutral) Image source: http://www.  “Reduce the amount of work for HR”.keeptalkinggreece.  “Just some easy and repetitive questions that reveal your true personality trait if answering honestly”.  “Most of the candidates know the tricks or the way the tests work”  “Boring” . com  “Industrial psychology is not appreciated as much as it should be”.

Conclusion  Growing Industry  New Methods  Personality tests can be faked  Not 100% accurate  Reliability is an important matter!  Needs more development .

Thank You! .