Learning Goals

 Two

things I did well last year
 Three things I will improve
 What can my teacher do to help me?
 I learn best when…
 Last year I enjoyed…

Complete on loose paper and hand to Ms
Di Benedetto

English Term 1
 Assessments

Narrative Writing Task
Persuasive Writing Task
Independent Reading Oral
Critical Reading (comprehension)
Spelling Tests
Grammar Test
Class Work (Save everything to one file)

Submitting Assignments
Hard copy (printed off)
 Cover sheet (rubric)
 Lateness

Technology is not an excuse

10% for 1 day late
20% for 2 days late
30% for 3 days late
ZERO for 4 or more days
I lost my work
USB issues

Work should be saved in AT LEAST 2 places

Part or all of an assignment copied.Plagiarism What is Plagiarism? Plagiarism means that you have submitted an assignment using someone else’s work. You commit plagiarism if you include as your work: Part or all of a written. without acknowledging what you have copied or its source. paraphrased or accessed from a print source or a digital source without correct acknowledgement. spoken or computer‐generated assignment copied from another person’s assignment. pictures belonging to another person without correct acknowledgement. . designs. graphics. notes or digital files without correct acknowledgement. manuscript. Ideas.

It is plagiarism if you: Allow others to access your files or writing (in draft or finished format). . Do an assignment for another student. How do I acknowledge someone else’s work correctly? You should use the Referencing generator on the Campion Library Site.

Consequences You will receive a ZERO You will be asked to resubmit your work The ZERO will still stand .

What homework will I have?  Reading every night (15 – 20 minutes)  Completing grammar activities (preparation for test)  Spelling test revision  Drafting assignments  Completing assignments  Finishing bookwork .

adverbs and adjectives  Writing sentences  Word order . nouns.Term 1 Grammar  Commas  Apostrophes  Quotation marks  Revision of verbs.

Spelling Tests  Every week/fortnight  You will be expected to revise in your homework time .

Number of Pages….Date completed….Rating /5 .Independent Reading 1 lesson a fortnight in the Library (Friday Week A)  Why is reading the most important thing you will ever do?  ALWAYS have a book with you in class!  Keep a Reading Log (computer file)    CREATE NOW Title….Author….

Title Author No of pages Date completed Rating /5 ***** Paper Towns John Green 200 4th of Feb 2016 4/5 .

3 minutes. Task available on Moodle . blogs. magazines.Independent Reading  Each week 2 – 4 students present an oral book review of 2 . journals. podcasts.    Only read/review texts that interest you! This can include: non-fiction.

 You are invited to recreate this experience with your peers in our ‘Reading Circles’   Choose a paragraph that you enjoyed Be prepared to read this in your small group .Reading Aloud  You are invited to bring in a text that you have enjoyed having read to you.

How Books Opened My Mind       Do you like reading? Why/why not? (be honest) What type of books do you prefer to read? What time of day do you prefer to read? Where do you like to read? If you find it difficult to get motivated to read. what do you think is stopping you? Why do you think reading is important?  Submit this on loose leaf paper to Ms Di Benedetto (3/4 page response) .

Creative Writing Narrative Writing with Ms Di Benedetto .

You will need… A book you really enjoyed reading  A book you would like to read but haven’t had a chance  An image (without people) that you like  An image (with people) that you like  An image (with an animal) that you like  You can find these images online .


3 and 4 write their name and three more questions (on a Post-it note )to push the narrative a bit further. No interruptions.  Share your post-it notes. attempting to capture that moment in words. Person 1 has one minute to tell the story of their photo.Exercise 1: Photos and 18 Post-its  Form groups of three or four.  Write for ten minutes.  use some figurative language (personification/metaphors/similes) . Persons 2. clarifying and encouraging each other to develop the story of that photo.  At the end of the minute. Keep this Post-it note to yourself until everyone has had their turn.




Her hand rested on the head of a small child. who held a fistful of her turquoise Rosie Kerin www. her blonde hair in a ponytail.22 Exercise 2: Take a novel… Don lifted himself up out of his chair and went over to a drawer in the kitchen. 148) . (p.net. a long-beaked nose and her mouth open. laughing.au 2014 bomber jacket in his paw. Out of it he pulled a colour photograph…The woman next to him could have been his daughter.writeme.

writeme.net.au 2014 . Out of it he pulled a colour photograph…The _____ next to him could have been_____.23 Exercise 2: Take a novel… ___ lifted himself up out ______ and went over to _____ in the_____. who held a ______in his ____. Her hand _____ head of a small child. a ____ nose and her _______ laughing. Rosie Kerin www. her hair _____.

Rosie Kerin www. out of the way of all of us. Iris is already upstairs.24 Exercise 2: Take a novel… Back home. and Dad opens a beer and stands with his back to us. looking for food.writeme.net. (p. does nothing about making lunch for the triplets who bang through the cupboards. mum pours a glass of wine.au 2014 198) . I perch on the kitchen table with Mum.

out of the way of ______.writeme. ______ is already_____. 198) Rosie Kerin www. I perch on _____ with Mum ______ .25 Exercise 2: Take a novel… Back home. does nothing about _______ who ______.au 2014 . and Dad opens ________ and stands ______. mum _____. (p.net.

26 Exercise 2: Take a novel… Find a small section of a novel and rewrite it.bookdepository. allocating substitute sections of each sentence to create a new narrative thread.net.au 2014 . Write solidly for ten minutes.com/All-BirdsSinging-Miles-Franklin-Award-winner-2014 -Evie-Wyld/ 9780099572374 Rosie Kerin www. http://www. aiming to work beyond the modified text to create your own extension.writeme.

Spontaneous Writing .

28 .

4. It must also contain emotion. 5.writeme.copyblogger.com/damn-good-sentences/ . practice.net. Insert facts Create Images Evoke emotion Make promises Practice. 2. and promise. logic.au 2014 http://www. image. Rosie Kerin www.29 “No sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone.” Eugene Schwartz (copywriter) 1. 3. practice.


copyblogger.com/damn-good-sentences/ Rosie Kerin www.31 http://www.net.au 2014 .writeme.

Points of View  Read pages 220 – 221 .

au 2014 ." 1973 Rosie Kerin www. in the heart of the desert. burning streets where the goats committed suicide from desolation when the winds of misfortune blew. "Breakfast at Tiffany's. a soap-and-lemon cleanness. a rough pink darkening of the cheeks. she had an almost breakfast-cereal air of health.writeme. --Truman Capote." 1958 The house was far from everything. next to a settlement with miserable.net. --Gabriel Garcia Marquez. "The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erindira and Her Heartless Grandmother.33 Opening lines For all her chic thinness.

How to make your story interesting  The    opening sentence (very important) A school camp Winning the lotto Surviving an earthquake  Swap  your sentences with the person next to you Choose a sentence of your partner’s work to draft (rewrite)  Constructive feedback – how to make it more creative. use 5 senses. .  Choose another sentence from your partner and reword it with a different point of view. captivating.

Write an opening line… .

Write an opening line .

Write an opening line .







Write your own sentences  Simple sentence  Compound sentence  Complex sentence  Theme: The grave yard .

Consider: • Subject and verb at beginning? • Information? • Image? • Emotion? • A promise of more to come? • A confident writer? Copy each of your chosen sentences Rosie onto Kerin www. one compound. one complex.writeme.au paper or 2014 screen.45 Exercise 3: Sentence structuresFind three great sentences… one simple. .net.

wikihow. heard the noise of too many kids. and collapsed onto the chair.writeme.au 2014 .net. The teacher walked into the room. Compound: The teacher walked into the room and collapsed onto the chair.com/Write-a-Sentence Rosie Kerin www.46 Exercise 3: Sentence structures Simple: The teacher walked into the room. In the simplest terms: http://www. heard the noise of too many kids. Complex: The teacher walked into the room. and collapsed onto the chair that had been used as the missile on Monday.

10.net. At first I thought he was making a failed joke.47 Exercise 3: Sentence structures I only remember looking up. an attempt to make the difficulty of the day seem manageable.au 2014 Year of Magical Thinking. . His left hand was raised and he was slumped motionless. p. Joan Didion (2005) The Rosie Kerin www.writeme.

. Add something to make it a compound sentence.48 xercise 3: Sentence structures Simple – compound complex I only remember looking up. Add something to make it a complex sentence.

annoyed at his foolishness. I only remember looking up and wondering what he was doing. I only remember looking up. . wondering what he was doing.49 xercise 3: Sentence structures Simple – compound complex I only remember looking up.

His left hand was raised and he was slumped motionless. His left hand was raised and he was slumped motionless.50 ercise 3: Sentence structures Simple – compound complex He was slumped motionless. though he seemed to be staring back at me in .


52 Twitter fiction: Crafting a story out of 140 characters maximum. including spaces: Twitterature: Using twitter to innovate new text from old. Twitter novels – see David Mitchell’s in progress .

com/PercivalLibrary Continuing investigation.net.au 2014 . including spaces: Twitterature: Genovese scientist creates murderous.theguardian.53 Twitter fiction: Crafting a story out of 140 characters maximum.writeme. Moral dilemmas and gothic stereotypes ensue https://twitter. Made brilliant deductions on many snorts and very little evidence. Notice salt deposits on factory owner's shoes? http://www.com/technology/2009/sep/18/classic-works-twitterature-book Rosie Kerin www. demonic monster/ gentle misunderstood creature.

By Charlotte Mendelson http://www. Then I met my shrink.net.com/books/2013/aug/17/twitter-fiction-charlo tte-mendelson Rosie Kerin www. books. scones. It turned out I was a maniac.54 I thought I had a happy childhood: trees.writeme.au 2014 . And now considerably poorer.theguardian.

55 Hari Kunzru I'm here w/ disk.au 2014 . Where ru? Mall too crowded to see. What do you mean you didn't send any text? Those aren't your guys? http://www.theguardian.com/books/2012/oct/12/twitter-fiction-140-char acternovels Rosie Kerin www. I don't feel safe.writeme.net.

Craig Taylor http ://www.au 2014 . regarded its length.56 Londoners The man on the Northern line pulled a long blond hair from the sleeve of his black jacket.guardianbookshop.net.uk/BerteShopWeb/v iewProduct.writeme.co. let it drift to the floor.do?ISBN=9781847083296 Rosie Kerin www.

au 2014 . including spaces) Rosie Kerin www.net.writeme.57 Exercise 4: Twitter fiction Create a piece of twitter fiction (140 characters maximum.

58 Emoticon stories Cinderella in Emotions  Choose a fairytale – write an Emotican st ory! http://9gag.com/gag/aBKLyDx/cinderella-in-emoticons .

Barossa Valley.au 2014 . Nov 2013 Rosie Kerin www.net.59 Exercise 5: Using images as prompts Photo: Rosie Kerin.writeme.

com .60 Exercise 6: Using images as prompts From www.humansofnewyork.

writeme.au 2014 .net.61 rcise 7: Using images as prompts Rosie Kerin www.

From the other side. until one day they couldn’t anymore. Each window-sill sparkled with tin foil. then newspapers on the stairs. perplexed. smoothing the creases from wrappers. He made me a necklace of ring-pulls and bottle tops.100 Word Competition 2014 First it was cartons and tins on the worktops. Like swans we perched on our bundles of rags and flattened boxes. http://nationalflashfictionday.co. He threw me two empty film canisters to catch them in.uk/stories. he watched the tears slide down my face.html Rosie Kerin www.net. a canyon of towering piles.writeme. Across the no man’s land in our bedroom our fingertips would touch.by Cathy Lennon FIRST PRIZE .62 Never Let Me Go . The hallway was Manhattan.au 2014 .

..com/8562043 Go back to your beginnings.writeme..au 2014 .net.create a six word memoir/story Rosie Kerin www.63 Exercise 10: Six word memoirs http://vimeo.

writeme.youtube.Exercise 10: Six word memoirs 64 Go back to your opening photo (or any other ideas you have).au 2014 .com/watch?v= ouAp3JbTQAM Rosie Kerin www. Create a six word memoir. https://www.net.


com/watch?v= ouAp3JbTQAM ACMI digital stories as forms of creative non-fiction Rosie Kerin www.youtube.net.writeme.au 2014 .66 Life stories https://www.

au 2014 .net.67 Tropfest winner https://www.com/watch?v= ZrDxe9gK8Gk Rosie Kerin www.youtube.writeme.


writeme.69 Horowitz is a cognitive scientist.net. Amazon audio sample Rosie Kerin www.au 2014 . She challenges us to see the familiar with new eyes.

Be ready to talk and write about your observations when you return.Exercise 11: On Looking Wide-eyed seers You have 30 minutes each to walk around the block. camera to record what you see. paying attention to what you see. notes. No communication with other participants. Pick a random role to determine what you will attend to as you walk Use your eyes.writeme. Rosie Kerin www.au 2014 70 .net.

Roles for writing perspectives A person in a wheel chair  A woman who has just had her child pass away  A young excited boy  A person new to Australia  Someone who finds it difficult to fit in  A disgruntled teacher  Someone passionate about the environment  Someone who has just experienced loss  Someone in love  A person with multiple personalities  A 3 year old girl  An optimist  A pessimist .


Show not tell  What do you think this technique means? .

What is the painter trying to SHOW us? .

Promoting imagery Word Warrior I choose my weapon carefully. retreating as I try to get the cogs turning.au 2014 . Rosie Kerin www. I stride through the pages.net. as imagination and inspiration shoot off ideas. I wage a war of creation. I run into battle head on. for I am about to wage a war.writeme.75 Write about being a writer without using the words write/writer/writing etc…This was from Amber (aged 13). scrawling. before I turn back. If I find a word out of place I pull out the fine-tooth comb that’s kept in the back pocket of my mind. I wage the best sort of war. I stand in the middle of the battlefield. Soon I find my rhythm. stopping at paragraphs that need tweaking.

76 Write about death You cannot use any of the following words in any form:       Death Grief Cry Life Funeral ‘Passed on’ or other euphemisms for death Rosie Kerin www.au 2014 .net.writeme.

77 Describe the colour green Imagine you are describing the colour to a blind person.writeme.net.  You cannot use the word ‘green’ Rosie Kerin www.au 2014 .

it is the colour of your breath. When you look in her eyes for the last time. . When she whispers in your ear. When you smash the vase in the hall. When you see her with another. it is the colour of her lips. it is the colour that comes to the surface as her fingertips trail like a sentence that can never be finished. It is not the colour you see when she leaves.Describe the colour red  When you dip her in the middle of the dance floor. it is the colour that threatens you to abandon the shattered pieces. it is the colour of her dress. When she hears you. When you scream at the top of your lungs. it is the colour that pierces the atmosphere. When she places her palm over your heart. it is the colour of her pulse. it is the fading colour of your heart falling to your knees.

Did you need the earlier paragraphs or just a word or two from them.79 Some editing tips            Cut it back by 10% (and then by another 10%)Write a one word summary next to each paragraph to describe what you have achieved. Use word count to map out your plot: too long to get into the action? Try the second or third paragraph as your starting point. Which senses do you engage? Do you use adverbs and adjectives sparingly? Check each line of dialogue: does it suit the age. education. Come back to it later. And cut it by 10% again! . interests. Ask someone to tell you the best thing about your story AND one thing you should change or delete or that was not clear? Have you aroused curiosity and given the reader something to love/loathe…you want the reader to have a position or to care. cultural background of the character? Have you used a variety of sentence lengths and complexity? Have you used them to effect? Have you set out dialogue correctly? Check a novel on the bookshelf. location.

do not use the apostrophe. Or do you need to add some more movement somewhere.look for those things as you read..  Check your tenses.  If there’s a stumble.  Look at each sentence separately – use spell check (on your computer and another person if necessary). some dialogue or an appeal to the senses that would add texture and movement to the story. Better still.  . The most important thing is to be consistent. listen to someone else read it.  Check apostrophes.  Have you set out dialogue correctly? Check a novel on the bookshelf and follow those rules. You may find that some novelists do it differently.Proofreading Read aloud – always. it’s always a good idea to read it aloud and edit again if necessary.  Check capitalisation.  Hold it at a distance – is it in manageable pieces (paragraphs) for the reader or does it look too hard to engage with? Think here about how you react when you turn the page of a novel and it is solid text without dialogue and without paragraph breaks. After proofreading.  The last thing to do is to see if you need to cut it again by 10%.. fix it.  Get rid of any phrases or descriptions that are too well used (clichés). and if in doubt.  Do not use too many !!!!! or ?????? It makes you look insecure.

The Shape of your Story Structure and language features .

au 2014 .com/watch?v= oP3c1h8v2ZQ Rosie Kerin www.net.82 Story Shapes https://www.writeme.youtube.



Plot structures


Rosie Kerin www.writeme.net.au 2014


Plot structures


Rosie Kerin www.writeme.net.au 2014

Plot structures

Rosie Kerin www.writeme.net.au 2014

writeme.wordpress.net.one with potential for a narrative • Using this plotting structure outline your story http://preciouslyana.com/2010/04/01/how-to-analyze-short-story-plot/ Rosie Kerin www.87 Exercise 9: Plot structures • Select ONE of piece of writing you have already commenced in this unit….au 2014 .

Creating the Story  Read pages 218 – 219 in textbook  Complete Question 2 .

atmosphere and time of the story .Orientation  Setting the scene  Create a visual picture of the setting.

not adjectives. . welcoming     ‘oppressive low ceiling and blood-red curtains’ ‘cosy low ceiling and cheerful red curtains’ ‘the ceiling loomed over our heads’ ‘the ceiling cradled us like a womb’  Strong nouns and verbs to achieve the effect.Describing a setting  Create a feeling/atmosphere  Romantic. threatening.

Elements of Setting  Location: The football field. prison cell. in Paris  Time: When is the narrative taking place?  Seasonal time: Is it winter or summer?  Daily time: Is it morning or evening?  Weather: What is the temperature like? Is it humid? Raining?  You don’t need to include all of this – just focus on what is relevant and will create interest .

     Sight Sound Touch Taste Smell . and make your reader use theirs.The 5 Senses  Think about and use your 5 senses. too.

Using the 5 senses in your writing  Imagine you have just awakened in your bed. How bright is the light coming through your window? Do you smell something cooking. without looking at a clock? If you hear birdsong and garbage trucks. What time is it? How do you know. it’s probably early in the morning. or coffee brewing? What’s the temperature like? . If you hear people talking and laughing on the street. it’s probably later.

Describing a setting  Look at the images that follow  The place where the story will occur  Think about the 5 senses when you are writing  Write a descriptive beginning paragraph for the story  You MUST use 2 of the following Simile  Metaphor  Imagery  personification  .




 2 sentences . your church. too. and watch out for clichés and too many adjectives or adverbs (very. your classroom. heaps).Further Setting Challenge  Describe in detail a place you know well (your bedroom. the local movie theatre. the house you grew up in. Make sure to use strong nouns and verbs. Try to appeal to at least three of the five senses. much. etc.).

in turn:  Don’t forget the 5 senses    Gloomy mysterious From another person’s/thing’s perspective . attempting to communicate each of the following atmospheres.Go Further  Now describe that place again.

2 and 3 on page 222  Questions 3.Writing to Engage  Read pages 222 and 223  Questions 1. 4 and 5 on page 223 .

you should include some clues about upcoming complications…but don’t give any secrets away! . you also need to introduce your main characters.Characters  In the ‘orientation’ of your story.  To make more interesting writing.

Creating Character Profiles  Name:  Age:  Occupation:  Family Background:  3 Likes:  3 Dislikes:  1 major life regret:  1 thing your character is looking forward to… .





.Setting + Character Challenge  Choose a setting you wrote about previously  Choose a character profile you created  Insert your character into the setting and come up with an orientation to a story (5-8 sentences).

Complication  AKA: The problem .

Complication  This is where a problem or complication occurs. characters or time.  Activity  Continue on with the story you have created thus far and go further by including the complication . that affects the setting.

Complication  How did the problems/conflict begin?  What consequences were there for the characters involved  How did the problems change relationships between the characters? .

Minor Resolution  This is where the problem seems to be resolved – but it is really not! .1.

Complication/New Problem  Now the problem is even worse than before.  Can you think of some examples of this? .2.

Resolution  How did the characters solve the problem?  Were all the people happy with the outcome? .

Textbook Pages
 Page

224 – varying story structure
 Page 226 – 227
 Page 228 – 229

Questions 1, 2, and 3 (p 228)

 Page

Questions 1 – 6 (p 230)

 Page

230 – 231

Questions 1 – 4 (p 332)