A Tracer Study about the

Employment Status of
Bachelor of Science in
Accounting Technology
Batch 2014-2015

Chapter 1 : The Problem and Related
Accounting Technology course is a promising course wherein
the students are prepared to be responsive to the global market
by providing technical skills and competencies in the areas of
accounting and finance. This course aims to support the
professional accountants in a business where there is a need for a
systematic keeping of counting records and financial processing.
A tracer study targets people who completed their courses and
then traces where they are living and working, whether they have
reached their goals and became successful.

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1 Certificates and Awards 2.8 Job level position 3.7 Waiting Time for the Graduate to Land on their First Job 3.4 Nature of Employing Company 3.4 Reasons for taking the Course 3.2 Present Employment Status 3.3 Current Address 2. Employment Data: 3.1.5 Place or Area of work 3.6 Reason that influence the work choice 3. Educational Background: 2.Conceptual Framework 1. General Profile: Presently Employed Professional Examination 2.3 Present Occupation or Position 3.1 Reason/s for not yet employed Employment Status of the Graduates .2 Unemployed 3.9 Initial Gross Monthly Earning 3.1 Employed 3.2 Professional Skills 2.1 Gender 1.2 Civil Status 1.

3 Professional Examination 2. 1.2 Civil Status. 1.1 Certificates and Awards 2.4 Reasons for taking the Course .2015 in terms of.2 Professional Skills 2.Statement of the Problem 1. What is the educational background of the graduates in terms of the following: 2. 1. What is the general profile of BS Accounting Technology graduates batch 2014 .1 Gender. 2.3 Current Address.

1.2 Unemployed 3.4 Nature of Employing Company 3. What is the employment data of the graduates in terms of the following: 3.5 Place or Area of work 3.3.7 Waiting Time for the Graduate to Land on their 3.1.9 Initial Gross 3.1 Reason/s for not yet employed First Job .1.1.2 Present Employment Status 3.1 Presently Employed 3.1 Employed 3.1.3 Present Occupation or Position Job level position 3.6 Reason that influence the work choice

Accounting Technology Graduates of PHINMA – Araullo University Batch 2014 .Significance of the Study The study regarding the employment status of B.S.2015 are important to the following:  School  Accounting Technology Students  Graduates  Future Researchers .

Areas being considered for every graduate are their personal qualities. The researchers delimit the program of concerns into Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology. academic factor and employment factors.Scope and Delimitation This tracer extends to the graduates who finished their course from S. The focus of the investigation was centered on the intentions of tracing the graduates’ employment and on whether their acquired skills and competencies during their college were significant and relevant to their occupations upon employment. 2014-2015 at the PHINMA – Araullo University. .Y.

2011) The term descriptive research refers to the type of research question. . design and data analysis that will be applied to a given topic. It also attempts at establishing some type of comparison or contrast and tries to discover relationship between nonmanipulated variables.Chapter 2 : Methodology Research Method The researchers will use a descriptive research design to conduct this study. (The Association for Educational Communications and Technology. It tells “What is” while interferential statistics try to determine the cause and effect.

All the SCHOOL will be qualified as a respondent. population NUMBER OF YEAR GRADUATED COURSE GRADUATES October 2014 BS ACCOUNTING TECHNOLOGY 27 APRIL 2015 BS ACCOUNTING TECHNOLOGY 140 TOTAL 167 .Respondents of the Study The samples will be identified using Total Sampling. because the size of the population that the researcher are interested in is very small. It is a type of sampling technique that involves examining the entire population.

educational profile of the respondents. The type of the survey questionnaire are checklist and fill-up form. their employment status and questions seeking their reason why they are unemployed. The questionnaire is composed of 2 pages consisting of questions regarding the demographic profile.Materials and Instruments The primary instrument to be used by the researcher is a survey questionnaire. .



The research will start at Cabanatuan City. Each information of graduates will be sorted by location. Informing the other Graduates through the use of Cellphone. There are two pages per questionnaires to be disseminated. A Survey Questionnaire will be formulated and will be used to get the required data from the graduates.Data Collection In the first phase of the study. data will be obtained from the records section of the College through the Registrar’s office. Facebook and E-mail. from the closest to the farthest place of the Graduates. and to the nearby towns and provinces. .

All the graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAT) Batch 2014 – 2015 will be a representative. The researcher will be using Total Sampling to get the response rate of the respondents. .Data Analysis The total population is 167.