Location Analysis

Where I plan on filming the various scenes of my music
video, along with information regarding that certain

London Tower
Historically, Tower Hill was the famous site of countless public
executions, since then it is now reconigised as the site of the
Tower Hill Memorial. As my music video and song corresponds
with the ideology of death, I have chosen to have Tower Hill as
a location. This sparks enigma for the audience as it leaves
them to connote and decode the reason behind the death of
the character on scene.
I will be travelling to and from the site by train, this could
cause some difficulties. However by travelling to and from the
site on public transport it gives opportunities to film scenes on
the transport, as my artist is based In London therefore I will
want as many props, character and symbolisms that will allow
the target audience to connote and encode the artist’s
relationship with location.
I have also chosen to use London as a main location as it is
commonly recognised globally, therefore the demographic will
feel they relate to the music video, having or wanting to travel
to London themselves, this conforms the uses and
gratification theory.

London Tate Modern
Tate Modern, a modern art gallery located in London, it
Britain’s national gallery of international modern art. I
have chosen to use Tate modern as a locational site in
my music video, as it is a place of creativity. This is a
part of my artist’s personality (star persona) therefore
as the director/producer I will be giving the
demographic subliminal messages through the visuals
on screen.
Again as with all the locations in London I will be using
the underground train line as my means of
transportation. As London is the heart of my music
video, connoted from the majority of the scenes being
filmed in London, my target audience will have a sense
of narrative through the different places around
London, signifiying different days over a period of time.

Central London
Central London is defined by the various
characteristics which are iconography to the location.
In close up and extreme close up shots I will be using
the features that are iconic to this location, in order to
build up to the big reveal of the location.
I will also use this location in my music video as it is
the heart of London and England, a place familiar to
everyone. Therefore the target audience spend less
time with the enigma of working out where the video
is shot and listen to the moral message behind the
As this site is the heart of London, love and
romanticity in strangers will be explored, a theme that
corresponds with my music video, allowing me an
opportunity of filming more footage.

The Chase; Nature Reserve
The Chase, nature reserve is based in Dagenham, the
park has many different sections including 3 lakes and a
horse ranch. I have chosen to use this location with
various shots of horses. The horses act as a symbolic
reference. Connoting that In Christianity, the white horse
is a symbol of death (a common theme in my music
video). Universally the horse is a symbol of freedom
without restraint, signified as riding a horse makes people
feel they could free themselves from their own bindings.
As I live close to the area I will be walking to the location.

Hainault Forest
Hainault forest country park is located in Greater London, with
an area of 336 acres of land, there is a great deal of chances to
film the nature. I have decided to use this location as it stays in
the ideology of being based in London, however takes away and
subverts the building urban lifestyle of Central London. This
sudden change of location on the audience will signify a sudden
change in the artist’s life and/or behaviour.
As the location is further than ‘The Chase; Nature Reserve’ I will
be travelling by vehicle as the actor in my music video is
fortunate enough to drive.

St Gerard’s hospital,
St Gerard’s hospital in Birmingham is an direct building,
therefore I have chosen this place to juxtaoppose the
previous busy locations of London, where a sad and
depressing event has changed the artist’s behaviour
and life. The small, single story wooden building, closed
in the late 80s. As this hospital is a orthopaedic hospital
for children, it will give a creepy vibe through the scenes
where audience can encode themes of childhood
abandonment and mental health decaying.
As this location is outside London is Birmingham, I will
either be travelling by train or car, a 2 hour 3 min drive.

Hellingly Hospital, Sussex
The Hellingly Hospital in Sussex is a direct building. This
location is used as a back up for the previous location In
case of any complications in travelling to and from the
By having a backup location it ensures I have a
structured and will thought out plan on how to tackle
my music video. The building is used to produce the
same connotations as the previous location. Where the
abandonment of the location and the state of decay,
gives signifies as the artists own mind and health.
However, even though this location is not as far as the
previous location it is still a 1 hour 30 min drive away
therefore I will be travelling by car or train.

Eastbury Community School
Eastbury Community School, is a school based in barking, as I
tend this school for lessons, It will be easy for me to access and
use the equipment therefore travelling by public transport to the
location will not be a problem.
I have chosen Eastbury Community School as it is easily accessable to me, allowing filming easier on myself. I will use the
photography studio in order to produce high quality shots for my
performance scenes, that will look professional as the black
background will make the shot look filmed in a professional
Hollywood studio.

Southend- on- sea beach
Southend-on-sea also known as southend, is a seaside
resort town, depending on the weather two different
moods can be created for the target audience to
encode. Attending to film on a gloomy day as I plan,
will create a depressing feeling to the music video,
which Is want I want to portray on screen.
The stoned beach, gives a negative view on the music
video, it isn’t pure sand connoting happiness instead
it connotes rockiness.
As this location is further away I will either use public
transport or drive to this location.

Camber Sands
Camber sands is also another beach which I plan on
using in my music video. However unlike the
previous location this site is a sandy beach,
opposing the previous location which as rocks and
stones grounds. This sandy beach is used to
connote happiness in the artist’s life where enigma
is casted on the demographic as they compare the
two extremes with the two different locations.
Also with this location as to previous I will either
travelling by public transport or driving.