Leave Policy of the Organisation

One leave is permitted in every month
Leave classified into two types- Planned and
Unplanned leave.
Planned leave – Leave planning in advance and
summiting leave for min two days advance to the
functional heads.
Unplanned leave – In case of Sick / Funerals,
employees should inform the functional heads about
who required
2 which
days leave
a month
leave before
9.00 am.
is notinproperly
The functional Head should forward the leave form to HR
dept without fail
If any day declared holiday due to harthal, one Sunday
will be working as per the decision of the management.

January to March – 4th Quarter. October to December – 3rd Quarter.Leave Policy of the Organisation Those who don’t required any leave in a month can carry forward it to other months within the same quarter. July to September – 2nd Quarter.7 Days While submitting leave applications please ensure that you have arranged an alternate person to do your work . April to June – 1st Quarter. Following leaves permitted for the following functions: Marriage (Self).

Every day there will be morning prayer and a meeting before starting the work and all employees shall attend the same with out fail. More than two late in a month may cause salary deduction in that respective month. .DISCIPLINE & PUNCTUALITY All employees are requested to be punctual while coming to office.

General Manager and Managing Director.SALARY & INCENTIVE POLICY  Every month salary will be dispersed on 3rd day of every month.  Incentive will be dispersed between 15 & 20th of every month.  Each employees performance is evaluated by the Functional Heads. SALARY INCREMENT POLICY  There will be yearly salary increment to all employees based upon the productivity and profitability of the organisation / related department. . HR Head .  There is a performance management system for measuring the competency of each employee which is the base for hiking the salary and career promotions.  Every month Sunday salary will be dispersed between 15 & 20th of every month.

 Only Confirmed employees can enjoy additional benefits like salary hikes and other emoluments.  Those who transferred to other branches will be eligible for getting HRA on monthly basis.  Back office staffs are liable to do any works in all depts as per the requirement reported. TRANSFER POLICY  As per the transfer policy all employees are liable to work in any branches as per the requirement reported from time to time.  Persons of deputation will get food allowance as per the decision by the concerned authority. .PROBATION AND CONFIRMATION  For newly joined staffs . one year will be he/she will be under probation and only be confirmed after the successful completion of probation period.

 Those who already applied for salary advance is not .  Those who are not giving prior notice period is not eligible for getting relieving or experience letters and any other emoluments / benefits due from the organization.  Salary advance will be maximum up to 50% of one month salary and it will be deducted from the same month’s salary itself. SALARY ADVANCE POLICY  Employees requesting for salary advance shall send a request letter to the HR department in advance for getting approval.  Salary advance will be dispersed only between 15 -25 of the respective month.RESIGNATION POLICY  Each employee shall give one month prior notice in writing before resigning from the organization.

General Informations Please avoid t-shirts. All male employees and females who have license must take test ride of newly launching models from HMSI . Please don’t waste electricity. All employees must inform their mobile number to HR dept for getting up-to-date information's from the company on a regular basis. water and other valuable resources. All employees should wear uniform on a daily basis except Saturdays. jeans and other casuals while coming to office except Saturdays. Fine will be charged from employees who doest wear uniforms Please keep our office premises and surroundings in a tidy manner. 3 months is the minimum eligibility criteria for getting incentives for newly joined employees.

Also information will be shared through SMS Key performances of employees will be recognized on yearly basis with cash award and appreciation letters. All employees must inform their mobile number to HR dept for getting up-to-date information's from the company on a regular basis. Working time Sales 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Service 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Lunch Time 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm No employees will be permitted to leave the organization during the working hours without the .General Informations There will be periodic training to all staffs for enhancing their skills and abilities Please look to our notice boards on a daily basis for getting up to date and key information.

(Approval from Branch head required) For helmets and raincoats their will be a discount of 20% and for other Honda promotional items like t-shirts . . For employee owned HMSI vehicles. caps etc 15% discount.500/-. there will be a discount of 10% in service labor and 5% in spare parts.EMPLOYEE BENEFIT SCHEMES Employees who purchased vehicles in their name will get a discount of Rs. (Approval from Branch head required) For each candidate reference there will be an incentive for the concerned employee.

Make sure that you are having all the necessary/statutory documents before riding the vehicle. Don’t race the vehicle to more than 40 kms /hour. For details. Always take clearance from the security guards while taking a vehicle outside from our premises. contact Mr.Laljith Oragnization wont take any responsibility for causing any damages by using company/customers vehicles for personal purpose. All employees must take safety driving training in the safety riding rider. Company wont take any responsibility for causing any damages by using company/customers vehicles for personal purpose.DO’S AND DON’T’S Always wear a helmet while driving the vehicle. .