Dayrit, Ralph Marvin S.
Delos Reyes, Eriel A.
Del Rosario, Roneal R.
Diocampo, Arnido N.

 It also sells wraps. and baked goods (including cookies.  Owned and operated by Doctor's Associates Inc.I. and muffins) . INTRODUCTION  Subway (stylized as SUBWAY) is an American fast food restaurant primarily business sells that submarine sandwiches(subs) and salads. doughnuts .

TIME CONTEXT 28th of March 2011 .II.

III. VIEWPOINT Subway’s Marketing Department Head .

IV. CENTRAL PROBLEM  Subway does not earn enough revenue to outpace McDonalds.  McDonald’s still holds the top position as the world's largest restaurant chain in terms of sales. .


delicious. 2. and an exceptional experience. To offer products with great value through fresh.V. To appeal to customers as a healthy restaurant. OBJECTIVES  Must Objectives 1. made-to-order sandwiches. 3. . To evaluate the customer loyalty in the international market with respect to taking Subway and it’s marketing strategies.

To build good company reputations and have a wider customer range. OBJECTIVES  Want Objectives 1. 2. To bring customers into the store and keep them coming back.V. 3. . To be the number one Quick Service Restaurant franchise in the world.

Opportunities Threats 1) Increasing demand for healthier 1) Saturated fast food markets in the foods developed countries 2) Home meal delivery 2) Trend towards healthy eating 3) Changing customer habits and new 3) Local fast food restaurant chains customer groups 4) Introduction of drive-thru 4) Currency fluctuations .SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses 1) Great degree of subs customization 1) Interior design of the outlets often looks 2) Choice of healthier meals cheap 3) Partnerships with Britain and 2) High employee turnover American and Britain Heart 3) Services are not consistent from store to Associations store 4) Operated by Doctor's Associates Inc.

VI. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION  Interior Design    Increasing demand for healthier food  Home delivery  Saturated fast food markets  Trend towards healthy eating .

Marketing activities such as promotional events. b) It can be costly to develop and maintain. .  Disadvantages a) An obvious disadvantage to a promotional strategy is its potential for failure.  Advantages a) Gain customers’ awareness. c) Risk of time wasted for an unsuccessful campaign. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION 1.VII. c) Creates word-of-mouth opportunities. b) Creates selling opportunities and grows revenues.

 Advantages a) It can grab attention. .  Disadvantages a) It can be costly to develop. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION 2. b) Might not suit the customers’ preferences or taste.VII. Change of interior design. b) It can improve the ambiance for customers to come and stay. c) It can make the customer experience worthwhile. c) The new design might not flow together with the theme of the restaurant.

b) There is an added cost in introducing a new product. . fruit juices. and ice cream.  Disadvantages a) There is a risk whether the customers will like it or not.  Advantages a) Creates upsell and cross sell opportunities. b) It can generate attention c) It can create new reputation. ALTERNATIVE COURSES OF ACTION 3. c) There is a chance that customers will not patronize the new products. Introduction of new products to attract new customer groups such as chocolate drink.VII.

VIII. Marketing Activities . RECOMMENDATION ACA # 1.

IX.  Advertisements must focus on fresh and nutritious foods that are catered to their customers’ preferences.  Promotional events in a limited time. PLAN OF ACTION  Hire famous celebrities or athletes. .