Giving a PPT presentation and

organizing a debate

Ewan Fowler, English tutor, EMN, January 20

• Did you enjoy school? • What subjects did you prefer? • Were there aspects which could have been improved? .

• Do you think that children can choose when and what they learn? .

Summerhill • Boarding school and day school: • Primary (from 4 to 12) and secondary education (from 12 to 16) .

Summerhill .

Summerhill 1.History 3.The Philosophy and Organisation of Summerhill 2.Feedback .Debate 4.

Neill .S. A.Summerhill “The function of the child is to live his own life – not the life that his anxious parents think he should live. not a life according to the purpose of the educator who thinks he knows best”.

Summerhill: Philosophy Doing and Being Discover identity Free from adult intervention or judgement .

• Summerhill: Non-compulsory lessons Organisation • ‘You can play all day if you want to’ • Placed in classes according to ability not age • Finally choose and pursue their interests • GCSE – 13/14 • Democratic organisation • Equal votes on issues. – Acceptable bedtimes – Conflicts . e.g.

.Summerhill: Organisation • ‘Freedom not licence’ • You can choose to swear but not use offensive language against anyone.

Neill • 1923 – UK • 1927 – current location except during 2nd World War • Government opposition • IDLENESS .A brief history of Summerhill • 1921 – Germany by A.S.

Children's Services and Skills .The Office for Standards in Education.

Summerhill makes the news! • 1999 • Following a critical inspection by Ofsted of the school. David Blunkett issued the school with a notice of complaint • Closure? • The school decided to fight his . the Secretary of Education and Employment.

The school meets its aims very successfully.Ofsted: Evaluation of the school Summerhill School provides a good quality of education. All the points for development outlined in the previous report have been addressed. social and cultural development and outstanding promotion of pupils’ welfare health and safety. The national minimum . It meets all the regulatory requirements for independent schools. moral. Strengths of the school include outstanding pupils’ spiritual. which is an improvement from the last inspection. Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding and they make good progress. The curriculum and teaching and assessment are good. including effective safeguarding procedures.

Debate • What do you think of Summerhill? • Can the ideas of Summerhill be applied on a large scale in a national education system? • Could this work in France? .

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