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Name : Muhd Suhaedir Bin
Matric no: 183084

Hows airplanes works???

Propulsion system to generate thrust in
he ariplanes so the airplanes can move
through the air.
Form of propulsion system :
most widely used are gas turbine
engine in modern aircraft.
* What is propulsion ???
- derived from two latin words : pro means before or forwards and pellere
means drive.
So, propulsion means move forward or push an object forward.

A propulsion system is a machine that produces

thrust to push an object forward.
On airplanes , an application of Newtons third
law applied (action and reaction).
Gas or working fluid is accelerated by the
engines, and the reaction to this acceleration
produces a force through the engine.

Brayton Thermodynamic

Using the turbine enginestation numbering system, begins withfree

streamconditions at station0
In cruising flight, theinletslows the air stream as it is brought to
thecompressor faceat station2
As the flow slows, some of the energy associated with the aircraft
velocityincreasesthe staticpressureof the air and the flow is compressed
The compressor doesworkon the gas and increases the pressure and
temperature isentropically to station3the compressor exit.
Since the compression is ideally isentropic, a vertical line on the T-s diagram
describes the process.
Thecombustion processin theburneroccurs at constant pressure from
station3to station4
temperature increase depends on the type of fuel used and thefuel-air ratio.
The hot exhaust is then passed through thepower turbinein whichworkis done
by the flow from station4to station5.
The nozzle then brings the flow isentropically back to free stream pressure from
station 5 to station 8.
the flow conditions return to free stream conditions, which completes the cycle.
The area under the T-s diagram is proportional to the useful work and thrust
generated by the engine