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Strong Management Team

Satya Narayanan R.

Gautam Puri
Vice chairman and
Managing Director

NikhiI Mahajan
Director, Chief Financial

R. Sreenivasan
Director, Head
innovation and design

Sujit Bhattacharyya
Director, Indus World
School (IWS)

R Shiva Kumar
Director, Academics

Sanjeev Srivastava
President, Emerging
Business Groups

Alumnus, St. Stephens and IIM Bangalore

Worked with Ranbaxy for a short period of time before setting up CL in 1995
Engineer and alumnus, IIM Bangalore
Worked with Hindustan Lever, Britannia and VAM Organics before joining CL in 1995
Alumnus, Benares Hindu University (Electrical Engineering) and IIM Bangalore
Has worked in Management Consulting with AF Ferguson
Alumnus, JNU and IIM Bangalore
Had successful stints with TCS and Sony Entertainment Television, prior to joining CL
Motivation guru
Alumnus, IIT Kharagpur and IIM Bangalore
Enjoyed successful stints at Telco and Wipro and set up Dharma Systems, a US based
software firm

Alumnus, IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta

Had a brief stint with HTA before joining CL
Alumnus, DU (Bachelors in Economics and Post Graduation in Sociology)
Worked in the Civil Services and as a core member with the Times, HDFC Bank and Kotak

The driving force behind CL Highly qualified and experienced management

team supported by a strong team of level 2 managers

CL Educate

CL Educate - The Journey


From a humble beginning, to being a credible brand name having strong platform and well diversified business


2015 (P)

INR 5,387 lakhs

Test Prep

INR 18,467 lakhs


Test Prep

Voc. & FE


INR 37,975 lakhs


Test Prep

Voc. & FE



Key Milestones

Career Launcher India Ltd.

founded; started with a PDP
program for CAT aspirants



1st franchisee
center in



Pegasus first product for

CAT launched

Extended into other domains

with Magic Lamp (BBA/Hotel/

Acquisitions for entry into CET,

Engineering and Law Test

Acquired KITS (2000), ARC

and LST (2004) respectively

20002004 2005

Investment by Intel

Buy-back of Intel


Launch of Employability Training;

acquired Kestone to strengthen
training; agreement with
Government of Rajasthan under
Rajasthan Mission of Livelihood

2007 20082010

Foray into K-12, Higher

Education and Vocational

1st Indus World School

(IWS) opened in Hyderabad

Investment by Gaja
Capital in CL


HDFC takes a
stake in K12

One of Indias leading Education Services Player

A Credible Brand Name

having strong platform and well diversified business


Founded in 1995 by alumnus of IIM B

Superior track record in delivering strong student outcomes

and one of the most respected education brands in India

Unique educational platform given its vast presence and

captive network of highly experienced franchisees

A market leader in test prep; current offerings include

Diversified from test prep company to a full service education


Growing institutional service offerings

Test prep and training services

Education publication

Vocational and employability training & Further Education

K-12 schools

Backed by Gaja Capital and HDFC Limited

With a Pan India presence

Test Prep

and Quality Management Team at helm

Led by one of Indias most talented and entrepreneurial

education management teams

One of the most stable Management team together for close

to 12 years

Track record of introducing new products, entering new cities

and expanding into new businesses rapidly

A team with over 100+ individuals from IITs / IIMs and other
leading institutions

Favorable Industry Dynamics

Presence in attractive segments
Test preparation & Training, Media and Publishing

Over 2 million students take exams every year

Vocational Training & Further Education

Indian workforce currently stands at 460 million

More than 7000 private engineering colleges

Largely untrained and unorganized

4000 business schools

Only 25% of fresh graduates are employable

More than 300 private medical colleges

Estimated market size $3 bn in FY12

Publishing Business over $ 2 Billion in FY 12

Estimated market size $4 bn in FY12 and growing at a

CAGR of 24% (FY08-12)

Huge untapped potential

Opportunity to partner with leading corporates

High ROI
Low Capex requirement

K12 Education
School going population of India increasing by 20 million
every year
Government schools suffer from poor quality infrastructure
Increasing disposable income enhances propensity to spend
on education
Estimated market size of $34 bn in FY12 and growing at a
CAGR of 14% (FY08-12)

Huge demandsupply gap: 20,000 25,000 new K12 schools

required annually for urban middle class
Governments initiative to push for PPP in K-12 seen as a
potential game changer