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Fair’s Fair

This is a story about three friends, Raj,
Sam and Lee . The three friends plan to
go to the Fair. Unfortunately, Lee is
unable to go because his mother does
not have money to give him. Thus begins
the misadventures of the three friends
as they think up of ways to raise money
for Lee. They begin doing some jobs for
their parents in order to earn some
money. However, their inexperience and
simplicity seems to get them into
trouble rather than solve their problems.
In the end, their honesty pays off and
they make some money. They are so
happy they can now go to the fair.

Falling action They return the purse and get a reward of five pounds from the owner. Climax They find a purse and decide whether not to return it.PLOT The story unfolds a sequence of events that has the elements of exposition. Exposition The fair is in town and Raj has invited Sam and Lee to go with him. Rising action • The children. conflict. falling action and resolution. rising action. Conflict Lee is not allowed to go by his mother because she doesn’t have money. climax. Resolution They can now go to the fair together. Sam. • They take Mrs Green’s dog for a walk in the park. Raj and Lee wash Sam’s father’s car. .

-Lee asks his mother’s to go to the fair with his friends.SETTING  Physical settings (Place)  The street friends.     Sam’s house(page 11) father’s Raj’s house (page 16) The park (page 20) dog.Where Lee meets his best Sam and Raj.The children meet Mrs Green.Lee returns the purse to the .The children wash Sam’s car. .The children bring Mrs Green’s . The bus stop(page 31) owner. .  (page 3) Lee’s house (page 7) permission . .


Personality/general information: He insists that his friends to come along because he feels that it would be boring if they did not join him Personality/general information: He is a playful boy as he joins Sam and Lee playing with water during washing Sam’s father’s car. Physical appearance:  He has dark hair and tanned skin. Sam and Lee to join him and his father to the fair.RAJ ASPECT OF CHARACTER: PHYSICAL APPEARANCE & PERSONALITY/ GENERAL INFORMATION Personality/general information: He invites his best friends. .

Personality/general information:  She is a caring friend as she is willing to help find money for Lee.  she also asks her father about any chores that she and her friends could do to get some money to go to the fair.SAM PHYSICAL APPEARANCE & PERSONALITY/ GENERAL INFORMATION Personality/general information:  Respects her parents where she immediately asks for her father’s permission to go to the fair with her friends . Physical appearance: She has shoulderlength hair. Personality/general information:  She is an honest girl as she agrees with Lee’s decision not to keep the purse. .

 He is kindhearted as he gives the little girl his money to buy a new ball  He is an observant boy.  He is respectful to his parents as he asks for his mother’s permission to go to the fair.LEE ASPECT OF CHARACTER: PERSONALITY/ GENERAL INFORMATION  He knows how to control a dog when he and his friends take Mrs Green’s naughty dog for a walk  He is easily fed up when things didn’t go well. He returns the purse to the lady at the bus stop. .  He is an honest boy. He sees a purse falls from a lady’s shopping bag.

CHARACTERS Minor characters Aspect of characters Personality/General information .

. He wants Sam to be home early from the fair.  He is willing to oblige when the children ask him about house chores that they could do to earn some money. He is angry when he sees the children are playing around instead of washing his car.SAM’S FATHER  He is a concerned father.  He gets angry quite easily.

. She is busy bathing the baby when Lee comes to ask her the permission.  She is a thrifty person. She tells Lee not to go to the fair even though Lee really wants to.  She is quite a strict mother.LEE’S MOTHER  She is a caring mother. She does not want to pay for Lee’s ticket to the fair.

She invites Mrs Green to have tea with her at home. .RAJ’S MOTHER  She is a neighbourly person.

.RAJ’S FATHER  He is willing to take the children to the fair.

 She lives just across the street. She is having tea with Raj’s mother. .MRS GREEN  She is a neighbourly person.

 It is a very playful and quite a naughty dog. .MICKEY  It is Mrs Green’s dog.

.LITTLE GIRL IN THE PARK  Very demanding as she insists of having her ball back which is taken by Mickey. the dog.

WOMAN WITH LOTS OF SHOPPING BAGS  She is a careless person because she doesn’t realize that her purse has dropped off her bag. .  She is a grateful person as she thanks Lee for returning her purse.  She is kind and generous because she gives Lee five pounds for his honesty.


Green’s dog for a walk.  We should always refer to our parents because they know what is best for us. Showing respect to our parents is also showing our love for them.  They also asked if they could take Mrs.1. Our parents will not allow any harm to come to us.  .  Examples shown in Fair’s Fair: Lee and Sam asked their parents if they could go to the fair with Raj. RESPECT FOR PARENTS   One way we can show respect for our parents is to ask permission from them if we wish to do anything. We should let them know where we are and whom we are with.

If we want something we must work for it. he must think of ways to earn money if he really wants to join his friends at the fair. Examples shown in Fair’s Fair: Lee wants to go to the fair. . We cannot expect things to be served on a silver platter. So with the help of his friends they go off and look for simple jobs to do. but he has no money. Therefore.2.WE MUST WORK HARD FOR THE THINGS THAT WE WANT   Good things don’t come easy.

ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER This means that when you do a kind deed for someone. Example shown in Fair’s Fair:  Lee gave the little girl one pound he got for walking the dog. so that she could buy a new ball.3. Later he was rewarded five pounds for returning the purse to the lady shopper who dropped it. One good deed that we do. will be repaid with another good act.  . you will receive something good too.  So his kind act was returned by another act of kindness.

In the end. They should not spend money that does not belong to them.HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY    It pays to be honest.4. they decided to return the purse. They thought they could spend it at the fair and have a good time. one of them had the presence of mind to realise it would be wrong to keep the purse. . Example shown in Fair’s Fair: When they first found the purse. They debated among themselves. Therefore. And they were pleasantly surprised when they were given five pounds as a reward. it can be seen that honesty is the best policy. the three children were tempted to keep it because there were lots of money in it. Fortunately.


but the dog destroyed the little girl’s ball. They got paid for walking the dog.   .PERSEVERANCE  Perseverance means never giving up. we will encounter many problems but we should look for solutions instead of giving up. The children in the story encountered a few failures in their efforts. Examples shown in Fair’s Fair:  They did not get paid for washing the car because they were too playful. Nevertheless they did not give up. so they had to give her the money to buy another ball.1. In life.

But.  They also stick together when one is having a problem. instead they helped him.2. They are obviously good friends who play together. They are his confidence booster and made sure he does not give up. Raj and Sam did not desert him. Example shown in Fair’s Fair:  Lee has some monetary problems and cannot go to the fair.  . Raj. Sam and Lee are neighbours.FRIENDSHIP All the three children.

. we can say ‘Thank you’.GRATITUDE      Gratitude means to show our appreciation.3. We can show our gratitude by saying ‘Thank you’ Examples shown in Fair’s Fair: The little girl thanked Lee when he gave her the money to buy a new ball. The lady shopper was grateful and said ‘Thank you’ to Lee when he returned her purse. When we want to show our appreciation for something nice someone has done for us.

Kindness can be shown through our actions or through our words. to buy a new ball. including those younger than us. He gave her the money he earned.KINDNESS   To show kindness means to be caring. . She also said some kind words to Lee. gentle and nice.4. The lady shopper who dropped her purse was also kind. Examples shown in Fair’s Fair:    Lee was kind to the little girl when he told her not to cry. We must be kind to everyone. She rewarded Lee with five pounds for returning it to her.

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