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People – human beings making up a group or
assembly or linked by a common interest
Media – The means of communication such as
& television, newspapers,&magazines, that reach o
r influence people widely.
People Media – Medium by which people learn
through interactions with other people either by
means of audio, visual, or both.

Medium that uses any printed material
(newspapers, magazines, etc.) to convey
Books - Primary aid/tool of teachers and
students in classroom learning
Newspapers – good source of current news
Poems, paintings. Etc. – written and visual art
that serves as an outlet for expressing oneself.

The ones who utilize text visual arts in
order to impart knowledge, transfer
information and express opinions using
newspapers and magazines.
Examples: Authors, Publishers, Editors,
Columnists, Visual artists, Photographers

.RADIO MEDIA Powerful mass medium used in education. for disseminating information. This data is then received by our radios and is converted into sound. imparting instruction and giving entertainment. Can be used over a large area by means of producing data that is transmitted over radio waves (AM/FM).

Example: Radio DJs. Radio Actors. Commentators. Song Artists . CDs. podcasts and AM/FM radio broadcasting in distributing local and international facts and entertainment. Broadcasters.PEOPLE IN RADIO MEDIA Ones who familiarize radio media such as cassette tapes.

It has a wide audience reach and uses both audio and video features .TV MEDIA Medium that uses the television set to present information.

Reporters. Video Jocks . Examples: News anchors. Actors.PEOPLE IN TV MEDIA Personalities on TV as well as people working behind the camera who use tv as a media for disseminating information which serve both educational and entertainment purposes. Hosts. Script Writers.

WEB MEDIA Medium is the internet or the world wide web as a means of information exchange. . It uses both audio and visual functionality as well as digital or electronic data.

Web Writers .PEOPLE IN WEB MEDIA Ones responsible for sharing knowledge and information in the world wide web through digital or electronic formats found in blogs. Web Administrators. Online Media Users. websites and online social media. Examples: Bloggers.

skills and attitude through educational or technical courses. .INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA Medium that uses instructional materials and resources to impart knowledge.

Professors. Coaches. Instructors.PEOPLE IN INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA The main source of information in a classroomlike environment. They facilitate the learning of the students using different tools and strategies to incorporate proper knowledge. Examples: Teachers / Content Experts. skills and attitudes. Trainers . Speakers.

Grade school. College and Graduate students .PEOPLE IN INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA Learners or scholars who receive educational instruction from teachers and benefit mostly from instructional media. High School. Examples: Pre-school.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using People as Media .

words that has already been said cannot be taken back).They are prone to be misinterpreted and to misinterpret data that they are transferring (i.e. .

.2. Either they would influence others values which is viewed as likable or they would be passing on values that may not be upright. They serve as a model to others who look upon them.

3. . The person that serves as the medium would be receiving feedbacks that may benefit or destroy him/her.

4. . The audience can be biased of their judgment on the persons’ (as media) integrity if they have a developed a background of the personal life of the person.

5. and does not stay in the physical world for a very long time. People gets tired. retires. .


a group is already able to guess the famous personality. This is worth 40 points. Each clue has a corresponding point. .MECHANICS • The • • • game is called Guess Who’s Famous? Every group will choose a representative who will compete to guess who the famous person in media is. If on the second clue. 15 points. they get 20 points. If on first clue. There will be opportunities wherein ONLY one clue is given. And on the third. 5 points. The group with the highest score will win.

. He was known for his line “Kaibigan usap tayo”.A stage actor. activist and TV personality. journalist. well known for his imaginary mirror question: “What do you want to say to the person in front of you right now?” Known as the “King of Talk” in Philippine local media industry. publicist.

Boy Abunda .

•Also well known for her controversial statements against politicians. .1.•She is a radio commentator in Gold FM 103. a radio station base in Digos City.

Ate Bheng Sumatra .

• His trademark line “hindi ko kayo tatantanan”  •Hosted “Imbestigador.• He is a popular GMA TV and radio newscaster in the Philippines.” and 24 Oras .


• Stephanie Denise is an Filipino American singer and actress. •They popularized the song “Dati” together with Sam Concepcion. • She is a MYX VJ. .

Stephanie Denise "Tippy" Esquivias Dos Santos .

. making it the best selling book series of all time. screenwriter and film producer best known as the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series. •She was able to sell more than 400 million copies of a story.•British Novelist.

JK Rowling .

Played Kim in the musical Miss Saigon First Asian actress to play the roles of Eponine and Fantine in the musical Les Miserables on Broadway Judge in the Philippine’s version of The Voice .

Lea Salonga actress and musician .

“Crazy in love” and more.Played Deena Jones in the movie Dreamgirls Has a daughter named. “If I were a boy”. . Blue Ivy and is married to rapper/tycoon Jay Z She popularized the songs “Single Ladies”.

actress. entertainer . musician.Beyonce singer. artist.

He was better known or called as “Kabayan” . He currently anchors his radio program Kabayan on DZMM and TV Patrol.A Filipino journalist. politician and was the 12th Vice President of the Philippines from 2004 until 2010.

Noli De Castro .

•TIME 2013’s Person of the Year •He is 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  •He chose Francis as his papal name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi .

Pope Francis .

 Internet entre preneur. •He is the chairman. ranking him as the 5th richest person in the world.•AnAmerican programmer. and philanthropist. •His net worth is estimated to be US$54. executive.5 billion as of September 2016. and co-founder of social networking website Facebook . chief executive officer.

Mark Zuckerberg .