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Rhetorical Analysis Notes

Rhetorical Analysis Thesis Statement

Intended audience (if known)
Form of communication (letter, speech, essay,

article, etc.)
Principal tone of the piece (two tones, if possible)
Summary of the writer/speakers message/argument
Statement of the writer/speakers purpose (to
convince, to inform, to explore, to persuade, etc.)

Rhetorical Analysis Thesis Formula

In this (insert tone adjective(s)) (insert form of
communication) (insert speaker or author) (insert tone
verb) (insert summary of argument/message) in order
to (insert statement of purpose).
Example: In this poignant essay Langston Hughes
critically examines the irony of his own personal
salvation in order to criticize religious hypocrisy.

In a well-developed essay, analyze the
rhetorical strategies Harvey Milk uses
to convey his message.