Compiler’s Note


The nature of this proposed venture is speculative.
We are proposing an innovative 21st century approach and system – so as to perform coastal beach restoration, near shore channel maintenance and environmentally sound dune restoration so as to enhance turtle nesting habitats; while protecting upland home and or property owners and to be fairly remunerated for it. Public agencies are often resistant to change. However, the time is at hand to initiate pro- active solutions to the growing problems of our eroding shore lines. Our fall back position is these very same services we can provide are needed through out the marine industry both nationally and internationally. However, this does not completely reduce our investment risk factors.

The following estimates, numbers and projections are based upon information provided to the complier by various contractors and public administrators and the public record. Actual numbers may be variable in nature based upon urgency of site specific job conditions and available capital. Estimated costs of equipment capitalization, manpower costs and expendables are based upon current “real open market conditions” at the time of the formation of this pro former and also subject to change

Coastal Sand Management Systems
A “Green” Business Plan for a
A 21st Century Approach To Dune Restoration

Joint Venture Capitalization Purpose
Assemble the initial team and equipment package so as to seize a major market share of the growing number of emergency specialized coastal public sector dune restoration, shore line revetment projects, inlet sand trap management and also premium private sector marina commercial dredging opportunities

Initial Funding Requirement

$ 2,250,000.00

Year 2 Capitalization Requirement $ 3,750,000.00 Total Capitalization Requirement $ 6,000,000.00

 

Coastal Sea Level Rise is a Reality in the 21st Century Addressing this issue will be a growth industry in the decades to come Presently government agencies are trucking sand in PBC in a costly & futile attempt to address a recognized and present day coastal emergency, so designated by Governor Charles Crist The national dredge industry in not focused on the coastal aspect of this environmental new specialized market share Nor does it have the proper equipment package to do so

Mission Statement

Team Leader

CEO Captain Dominic A. Addario Educator, Licensed Master Mariner, Practical Ocean Engineer & Specialist in near shore coastal processes Recognized and Established Undersea Explorer, First Appointed Federal Substitute Custodian of the 17th Century Jupiter Historic Shipwreck site Over two decades of practical – site specific coastal, near shore investigations in Palm Beach County in sand and sediment movement

Market Summary
 

Accelerated rising sea levels in the 21st century is a reality CSTS purpose isn’t to debate the reasons why. We are proposing an innovative yet environmentally compatible approach for dune restoration all along the eastern seaboard This is a world wide problem – soon to be an issue in the UAE.. In Jupiter and Palm Beach County the problem is amplified and thus, a logical place to begin. Beaches and dunes, are desperately in need of an accelerated restoration program with the proper quality beach sand This problem is increasingly more expensive if innovative approaches to addressing it are at the very least not investigated

Within the course of our 21-year investigations of our historic shipwreck site we have located a unique by-product. Immense inventories of high quality beach and dune restoration material (beach sand)

All the permits are in hand to move this material (with dredges) so as facilitate JWI Historic Investigations The turtles too, desperately are in need this same sand for nesting habitats - the very sand that washing off the dunes and beaches! All that is needed is a modification of existing permits and some specialized equipment with modification, to allow the material we are moving – in any event – to be made available to municipality, County and or Regional Agencies responsible for addressing the problem


Problems and Opportunities: – Goal: Establish a “Proof of Concept” model so as to allow local lead agency acceptance of our, “MOBILE SAND TRASFER SYSTEM SERVICE” concept. Major Opportunity: We already have all the permits available to move this sand and need only to adapt the proper equipment package to transfer the sand washing off of the dunes in an economical and environmentally compatible manner the same distance as it will have to go, back to where it is needed . Remember, this is the very same sand washing off the beaches and dunes! – A modification of our permit package is required for the sand to be used for dune restoration and the bolstering of turtle nesting habitats.

Business Concept

Utilize as a model a U.S. Navy Engineering Logistics Command battle proven concept and equipment package to develop our “Mobile Sand Transfer Service”. Acquire and Adapt a “Causeway Self Powered Barge/Lighter System specifically designed by the Navy to work in the surf zone to the beach and adapt DPS Positioning Systems and 21st Century Submersible Hydraulic Aggregate / Sand Pumping Technology to either pump the sand to dewatering trucks for barge transiting or even better – directly shoreward when permit able to the dune – where it can be then Dewatered and Stockpiled for Dune Restoration, bolstering of Turtle Nesting Habitats or emergency Shoreline Revetment.

 We have no competition. Our unique permits already in hand allow us

to move the material (Dune Sand) our proposed service can offer, to be placed behind the dune is the very material that is washing off of the dune through storm events, natural erosion and littoral drift processes.

 The mass trucking in of land based aggregate produces negative

ecological consequences including but not limited to greenhouse gases and added project costs. Trucked in sand contains marl that is not compatible with the sensitive marine coastal environment. be used for dune restoration is, the very material “trucked” there and then dumped on to the dunes in earlier - well meaning attempts to address upland property steward’s emergency concerns.

 The only contaminant material in the on shore substrate we propose to

Goals & Objectives
 Five-Year Goals
– Secure as many of the Causeway Modules at the lowest costs available to create a fleet of Mobile Sand Transfer Systems for Florida’s coast line and the eventual eastern seaboard – Establish an Environmental Permitting Base that will re-instate on shore reef and bait fish habitats – while addressing the practical materials needs for dune restoration and shoreline revetment of coastal communities – Create and sustain a State-of-the Art Unique Equipment Base and Team, so as to accomplish the above

Financial Plan

Executive Summary
An initial $2,250,000.00 capitalization line will be required to tool up for a proper “Proof of Concept”, Model and 12 months operations budget leading to a functional permitting package for a five year plan 2007 / 2008 costs per cubic yard of sand to bolster eroding dunes from the feeder beach at Jupiter’s Inlet to Lake Worth; including locations upon Singer Island ran anywhere from $35,00 to upwards of $100.00 per cubic yard to both truck and handle imported sand for emergency dune restoration Our focus will be on Providing the Material and not its Upland Handling

CSTS Initial Basic Start Up Costs:
$ 2,250,000.00
Over $10,000,00.00 of public funds in Palm Beach County alone were expended by County and municipalities for emergency dun e restoration in the past twelve (12) months

Compliers Note: (Based upon estimated projected acquisition costs of acquiring and refitting modification of existing surplus and previously used marine and pumping Equipment)


Assemble the proper equipment package to set up CSTS Mobile Sand Transfer Systems and the support craft to provide highest quality dune restoration material

Secure a Market Share of Present and Future Dune Restoration and Inlet Sand Bypassing Projects

Causway Self Powered Barges & SLWT Service Tug / Barge

Above I am with a Self Powered 89’ by 22’ Naval Causeway Tug

These vessels were specifically engineered to function within the surf zone, so as to land cargo on a beach head

Our SLWT will be equipped with a Sturdy A Frame

These equipment packages are maintained by Honeywell, for U.S. Navy Sea Lift Command. Most all Engine Room Compartments are spotless and have low hours

The SLWT Twin Propulsion System are Azmithing Jet Drives that turn 360 degrees

She is equipped with a no nonsense Control Compartment

A large Hydraulic Diesel Dual Spool Winch is available as well for both the Boom and Stern Anchoring Systems

Our seaworthy working platform will have sufficient deck space to both deploy and store the modified proper equipment to handle dune restoration and other specialized dredging maintenance jobs

A variety of these Submersible Sand Pumps can run off the house hydraulic system from the front of our twin 495 horsepower 8 –V71 power plants

Toyo modified these pumps to suck sand from sand wells over 300 feet deep to build an Island for an airport in the Sea of Japan

Our Seaworthy Mobile Sand Transferring System Base can be - like LEGO blocks – disassembled and shipped then be then assembled to fit any site specific job configuration

First and Second Year Model Business Plan
 Seek out and bid “Hot Spot” Public and Private Sector

Marina and Channel Restoration Projects under 10,000 yards of material per site specific job
 Assume possibly 50,000 aggregate yards of jobs after

first start up year
 Start Up and Second Year Gross Receipts:

$ 1,000,000.00 @ $20.00 per cubic yard

Second Year Gross Receipts
Based Upon 125,000 to under 200,000 cubic yards @ $20.00 per yard $ 2,500,000.00 to $ 3,375,000.00

Third Year Gross Receipts
Based Upon 250,000 cubic yards @ $20.00 per yard $5,000.000.00

Projected Costs

Second Year Costs $ 500,000.00 Third Year Costs $ 2,000,000.00

(New capital equipment, major equipment maintenance and additional staff will be required)

Summary of Resource Requirements

Acquire as many Self Powered Causeway Barge Modules as budget will allow after personnel requirements are met An Initial Capital Line of $2,250,000.00 Expansive Lobbying, Hydraulic Engineering Support. A Central Land Based Staging Point Key Staff And, a Good Insurance Underwriter

   

Risks & Rewards
 Risks
– Working in the surf zone and underwater can be extremely risk oriented Only operate with key – well paid, fully insured and motivated personnel Putting together the Proper Equipment Package and Team and we will create a perpetual annuity for our heirs – The Problem of Beach & Dune erosion is not going away in the coming decades

 Addressing risk

 Rewards

Summary Key Issues
 Near term

Setting Up of the Team & Right Equipment Package and Continued Effective Lobbying

 Long term

If we don’t seize the Opportunity of seizing the market of these Causeway Systems coming available our set up costs will be significantly more expensive The least expensive part of this venture will be acquiring all the individual components. The costs of staging, refurbishment and putting the Equipment Package and Hydraulics all together will be 4 to 6 times the actual hardware acquisitions

Project Financial Requirements Summary

An initial financial commitment of $ 2,250,000.00 Minimum of $ 500,000.00 ASAP so as to timely acquire key pieces of equipment, re-commission and launch 1st vessel and retain key talented staff An Understanding - Certain Lobbying Soft Costs are a part of the Permitting Process Additional $2,000,000.00 capital infusion 2nd year after proof of concept model is established Timely Capital Draws for payroll, project insurance and other expendables such as fuel, tools, traveling and other TDY related expenses


Limited to Up to Ten (10) Investment Units A Minimum Capital contribution of $ 250,000.00 will Purchase a 3 % Equity Share of (CSTS) Coastal Sand Transfer Systems.

Compliers Note: There are some aspects of this proposal that may be site specific to the UAE and Nakheel future development. I will be glad to discuss these with you on a consultant basis.

Thank you for considering our project.

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