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Which of the following is the most

critical information that the officer in an
engineering watch relayed?
a. The condition and state of readiness
of portable fireextinguishing equipment
and fixed fire-extinguishing installations
and fire-detection systems
b. The condition and state of eagerness
of transferable fire extinguishing
equipment and fixed fire-extinguishing
connections and fire-detection systems

102.The by products of oxidation, as a

result of water contamination of
hydraulic oil are generally?
a. gums, varnishes, and acids
b. paint and kerosene
c. sludge oil
d. all of the above

103. Short cycling of refrigeration

compressors refers to?
a.frequently starting and stopping
b. simplex procedure
c. cycle process
d. none of the above

104. Unloader in an air compressor is used

a.prevent over pressure when starting
b. prevent excessive load on the motor
during starting
c. to detect if have leaking
d. make efficient

105. What is the most important parameter

to check right after any diesel engine is
a. lube oil pressure
b. jacket cooling temp.
c. fuel oil temp.
d. fuel oil pressure

106. Which condition could cause the feed

pump of an auxiliary boiler to lose
a. excessive feed water temp.
b. low water level
c. fuel oil low quality
d. too high pressure

107. A squeaking sound occurring from

within an operating reciprocating air
compressor is an indication of?
a. low level of lube oil
b. tight compressor bearing
c. dirty air cooler
d. clogging air filter

108. Salinity cell is installed in the distilling

unit to indicate the ?
a. quality of water produced
b. seawater contaminate
c. quantity of water produced
d. seawater dissolved

109. The operation of a thermostatic steam

trap depends upon the?
a. change in the amount of vapor
produced within an open chamber
b. change in the amount of liquid
produced within an open chamber
c. change in the amount of vapor
produced within an enclosed chamber
d. none of the above

110. The purpose of the expansion valve is

a. provide an orifice between the high
pressure and low pressure side of the
b. check the proper working pressure
c. maintain the pressure in the system
d. provide a good working pressure in
the system

111. In a low pressure air compressor, the

loss of volumetric efficiency normally
results from?
a. clogged of air filter
b. unloader defective
c. heating the air leaving the cylinders
d. spring valve are broken

12. A badly leaking refrigeration

compressor discharge valve will cause?
a. constant running of the compressor
b. air reservoir tend to broken
c. air compressor overheating
d. air compressor will tend to explode

113. Which of the conditions listed would

cause the stern tube oil header tank
level to decrease?
a. a worn or damaged stern tube seal
b: control valve leaking
c.drain valve are open
d. header tank are leaking

114. Which characteristic of the theoretical

otto cycle does not occur in the
theoretical diesel cycle?
a. the entire fuel charge is present for
b. the compression pressure is much
c. temp. is low
d. the cycle is much simplex

115.When securing a fuel oil heater, you

a. close the valve before cut out the
b. cut out the steam before securing the
oil flow
c. secure the pump before close the
d. cut out the steam only

116. Which of the following condition

should be immediately reported to the
engineering officer on watch
a.oily rags in the work shop
b. oil in the drain inspection tank
c. steam leaking
d. garbage in the incinerator

117. An engine fails to start even if all

temperatures and pressures are normal
a. fuel is not good quality
b. fuel is mixing with other fuel
c. fuel is contaminated with water
d. fuel is dirty

118. If the temperature of the fuel oil

entering in atomizer is too low, the
burner will?
a. produce heavy black smoke at any
load condition
b. produce white smoke at any load
c. produce smoke with ashes
d. tend to stop at any load condition

119. If two compressors must be operated

in parallel in order to maintain the box
temperatures, a careful watch should be
kept on the?
a. lube oil pressure in both compressor
b. oil levels in both compressor
c. cooling water temperature
d. cooling water pressure

120. If you do not wear googles and

helmet, your chances of being _____
will be greater.
a. burn
b. hurt
c. death
d. all of the above

121. The damage to winches is due to?

a. rough handling
b. smooth handling
c. man error
d. heavy load

122. Never make comment, estimate or

guess in your official logbook, but __
a. the exact
b. the truth
c. the facts
d. the good

123. A pump room is suspected of

accumulating gases after a ventilation
machinery breakdown. Where should
the combustible gas indicator case be
place when testing the pump room
atmosphere for combustible gases ?
a. on the deck inside the pump room
b. on the deck outside the pump room
c. on the deck near at the door
d. on the deck near at the window

124. Has any person___ on board during

the voyage otherwise than as a result of
a. burn
b. scratch
c. died

125. An accident came___my mind when I

saw the broken case
a. to
b. in
c. on
d. from

126. The ship can leave the port ____ the

joint inspection?
a. before
c. after
d. with

127. He must have had an accident, or he

_____ then ?
a. will have been here
b. would have been here
c: should have been here
d. shall have been here

128. Steam smoke will occur when ___?

a. extremely cold air from shore passes
over warmer water
b. warmer water passes into cold air
c. extremely cold air from shore passes
over colder water
d. all of the above

129. What language shall the issuing

country use in medical certificates?
a. official language of the principal
b. universal language
c. official language of the issuing
d. official language in the vessel

130. Which is not a required entry in the

ships official logbook?
a. bunkering occur
b. psc inspection
c. cleaning of cargo hold
d. dry-docking of the vessel

131. A lashing used to secure two barges

side by side, lashed in an X fashion is
called a___?
a. X lashed
b. normal lashed
c. scissor wire
d. x mashed

132. As soon as the ship is berthed, you

should lower the gangway and stretch a
net _____?
a. beneath
b. underneath
c. up ahead
d. at the bottom

133. How can the error be corrected when

writing in the official log book?
a. by using the white ink
b. cross out the error ,put signature and
rewrite the entry correctly
c. cross out the error w/ a single line
and rewrite the entry correctly
d. strictly no erasure

134. The most critical time during

bunkering is when?
a. the pressure is too high
b. winter time
c. final topping is occurring
d. night time

135. After being rescued from the vessel

accident, the people agreed that they had
much to _____
a. give remembrance
b. thank
c. say hello
d. all of the above

136. An accidental grounding is called?

a. flooding
b. abandonship
c. emergency drill
d. stranding

137. Dunnage may be used to protect a

cargo from loss or damage by?
a. rags
c. ships wheat
d. all of the above

138. The accident ___ caused damage to

ships hull?
a. was
b. are
c. have
d. has

139. When the oil is discharge overboard,

an entry is required in the ___?
a. cargo hold record book
b.bell book
c. garbage record book
d. oil record book

140. When a vessel is entering or leaving a

port, record of engine speed is kept in
the ____?
a. engine room log book
b. bell book
c. oil record book
d. OWS log book

141. Let __ the real fact of the accident.

a. me tell you
b. me give you
c. me say to you
d. me speak you

142. Please get everything ready prior ___

a. to
b. on
c. from
d. in

143. Please charge the expenses ____ the

ships account.
a. into
c. in
d. on

144. Any person maintaining a listening

watch on a bridge to bridge
radiotelephone must be able to?
a. speak official language
b. speak English
c. speak clearly
d. all of the above

145. According ____ the report ship hit the

wharf during berthing?
a. from
b. in
c. to
d. on

146. The mariners handbook ____ general

information affecting navigation and is
complementary to the sailing directions.
a. is
b. are
c. gives
d. give

147. The patches where rust have been

removed should be wiped clean before
paint is __
a. put
b. applied
c. take
d. none of the above

148. The ____ showed that said ship

complied with the requirements of the
a. training
b. inspection
c. drill
d. abandonship

149. In case of accident ___ the risk of

sinking, all effective measures shall be
taken to steer clear of the fairway to
avoid ___ the traffic?
a. involving/impeding
b. regarding/stop
c. if/clog
d. situation/tie up

150. Acoustic feedback can arise____.

a. because the volume adjustment of
the speaker is low pressure
b. because the volume adjustment of
the speaker is high temp
c. because the volume adjustment of
the speaker is very low
d. because the volume adjustment of
the speaker is too high

151. Squelch mode serves to suppres ____

a. sound in speech-breaks in an SSBsignal,
b. noise in speech-breaks in an SSB
c. clatter in speech-breaks in an SSB
d. din in speech-breaks in an SSBsignal

152. The legal type VHF antenna has a

length of ___.
a. 2 meters
b. 1 meter
c. 3 meters
d. 5 meters

153. Automatic amplifier regulation is used

to ____
a. increase distortion of weak incoming
b. reduce distortion of weak incoming
c. low distortion of high incoming
d. all of the above

154. When onboard channel 16 is used for

a shore radio-connection, you always
work _____.
a. simplex
b. duplex
c. good
d. optimistic

155. Which wave length applies to a

frequency of 2000 kHz?
a. 1500 meters
b. 2500 meters
c. 1800 meters
d. 2200 meters

156. Long distance communication in the HFbands depends on ____.

a. satellites
b. signals
c. antenna
d. dirty tubes

157. The squelch on the control panel of a

VHF-sat serves to__________
a. adjust the vhf to control panel
b. adjust the threshold level for
admitting signals and refusing noise
c. increase signals and clear speak
d. adjust the threshold level for
admitting the noise and clear way

158. The typical daylight-frequencies for

long distance transmission are located
in the__________?
a. 8 or 12 MHz-band
b. 9 or 15 MHz-band
c. 16 or 18 MHz-band
d. 5 or 8 MHz-band

159. What is the recommended connection

between antenna and VHF?
a. electric cable connection
b. coax cable connection
c. universal cable connection
d. soax cable connection

160.A VHF transmission range is mainly

determined by__________
a. the satellites
b. the polarization of the aerial
c. the height of the aerial
d. the incoming signals

161.A polarization of a radio wave is

determined by a__________
a. the polarization of the aerial
b. position of the aerial
c. Height of the aerial
d. wavelength of the radio

162. What is the maximum range of a VHF

radio-set from ship to ship at sea. ?
a. 150 Nautical Miles
b. 200 Nautical Miles
c. 250 Nautical Miles
d. 280 Nautical Miles

163. What is meant by frequency?

a. time of elapse
b. minutes of lapse
c. time lapse of vibrations.
d. vibration on the system

164.Before a mariphone is installed on

board, __________
a. a license must be post
b. a license must be issued
c. a license must be record
d. a license must be permanent

165. The sound-level of the speaker on a

MF/HF radiotelephony installation is
adjusted through _________.?
a. AF-Gain
b. AB-Gain
c. MF-Gain
d. AM-Gain

166. With the squelch mode on the

VHF__________ ?
a.undesirable noise is suppressed
b. desirable noise is suppressed
c.undesirable noise is complex
d. none of the above

167.The operation of a thermostatic steam

trap depends upon the__________
a. seawater circulate in the system
b. using jacket water for heating
c. heated fresh water to condensate
d. change in the amount of vapor
produced within an enclosed chamber

168. How are hydraulic valve lash

adjusters on diesel engine rocker arm
assemblies being lubricated? ?
a. overheat in the system
b. broken of the machine
c. Forced lubrication
d. camshaft timing

169. When starting the air compressor

after long period of rest the shaft
should be rotated prior to restarting to
a. check motor condition
b. check intercooler
c. check the lube oil
d. check water temperature

170. Main component of the engine to regulate

speed is the ___________. .
a. injector
b. turbocharger
c. governor
d pump

171. The high pressure cut-out switch will stop

the refrigeration compressor when there
is______. ?
a. a stoppage of evaporator water flow
b. a stoppage of condenser temperature
c.a stoppage of condenser cooling water flow
d. a stoppage of evaporator pressure

172. A port and helix duel injection pump

having upper and lower plunger helixes
is designed to _________. ?
a. continue the injector to flow
b. vary the flow of the injector
c. vary the beginning and ending of
d. continue to flow the camshaft

173. During the initial pull down of the box

temperature in a refrigeration system, which
of the devices listed is used to prevent
excessive gas pressure at the compressor
suction? ?
a. expansion regulator valve
b. high pressure valve
c. cut out switch
d. Evaporator pressure regulator

174. When securing a centrifugal type

distillate pump, which of the listed
steps should be carried out first? ?
a. Trip the three way dump valve.
b. shut off the switch
c. shut off the suction valve
d. close the discharge valve and open
the regulator

175. Which of the following statements

best describes an oil lubricated stern
tube bearing installation? ?
a. shaft liner is needed in the area of the
babbitted bearing surface
b. no liner is needed in the babbited
bearing surfacenn
c. No shaft liner is needed in the area of
the babbitted bearing surface.
d. all of the above

176. The low pressure side of a

refrigeration system is considered to
exist from the ______. ?
a. expansion valve to the compressor
b. expansion valve to evaporator
c. evaporator to compressor
d. compressor to condenser

177. How often should cargo oil pump

relief valves on tank vessels be
tested ??
a. at least twice a year
b. At least once a year.
c. once a month
d. everyweek

178. What procedure of cooling

compressed gases under constant
pressure before going to the air
a. before cooling
b. inter cooler
c. After cooling
d. high pressure valve

179. Short cycling of a refrigeration

compressor refers to_____________.?
a. frequently starting and stopping
b. cycle process
c. frequently starting
d. continuously operating

180. Breaking the fuel into fine spray to

provide good combustion is
a. atomizing
b. pre heat
c. combustion
d. auto ignite

181. Which of the following statement is

true concerning the overall efficiency of
air compressors??
a. single stage compressor are generally
more efficient than two stage
b. two stage compressor are more heavier
than single stage
c. Two stage compressors are generally more
efficient than single stage compressors
d. single stage is more simple than two stage

182. Fluctuations in the pressure and

temperature of the steam supplied to the
first-effect of a low pressure submerged
tube distilling plant will cause _____.?
a. pressure and temperature leaking in the
b. temperature are make high than pressure in
the entire unit
c. pressure and temperature fluctuations in
the entire unit
d. none of the above

183. Which characteristic of the

theoretical Otto cycle does not occur in
the theoretical Diesel cycle.?
a. much lighter than diesel
b. The entire fuel charge is present for
c. more efficient than diesel cycle
d. all of the above

184. What is the theoritical lift of a pump

handling fresh water at atmospheric
a. 10.35 m
b 12.50 m
c. 11 m
d. 15 m

185. Boiler fire side must be kept free of

soot accumulations because ____.?
a. soot insulates the boiler heating
b. soot insulates the cover
c. soot make the boiler efficient
d. soot preventive in the system

186. If the temperature of the fuel oil

entering in atomizer is too low, the
burner will __________..
a. produce white smoke at any load
b. produce heavy black smoke at any
load condition
c. produce soot in the panel
d. clogged in the system

187. An O-ring seal in a hydraulic system

will begin to leak when it has lost its
interference fit due to____.?
a. heavy load
b. compression set or wear
c. dirty oil
d. packing broken

188. A type of turbocharger being used

for small high-speed engine that the gas
flows away from turbine axis rotation is
a. piston type
b. axial
c. screw pump
d. volute

189. The ability of lubricating oil to resist

viscosity changes during temperature
changes is indicated by the___.?
a. viscosity valve
b. viscosity gauge
c. viscosity index number
d. viscosity limit switch

190. The expansion tank for the jacket

cooling water which is a closed cooling
type is used to ___________.?
a. increase the pressure in the system
b. maintain constant head in a system
c. maintain the pressure head
d. increase the water in the system

191. Cylinder oil is used for _________.?

a. 4 stroke
b. v type
c. 2-stroke engine
d. in line engine

192. What will be the resulting effect if an

indicator diagram was taken at a time
when the exhaust valve is leaking badly
on suction stroke??
a. high pressure of fuel oil
b. Poor combustion and reduction in
c. broken of piston
d. defective of a main bearing

193. If all of the air charge has been lost

from a ship service air receiver, the
compressor mechanical unloading
systems will ______________.?
a. fail to work, but the compressor
having no load will start with little or no
b. be leaking
c. cannot produce air in the system
d. work but the compressor having load
will not start

194. Salinity cell is installed in the

distilling unit to indicate the
a. dissolve seawater in the system
b. quality of water produced
c. quality of the seawater
d. amount dissolve of seawater

195. Stern tube is used to__________.?

a. support and seal the propeller shaft
b. seal the flywheel
c. support and hold the stern tube
d. all of the above

196. What do we call the storage tank for liquid

a. Condenser
b. evaporator
c. compressor
d. receiver

197. If an air compressor intercooler

pressure rises above normal, it usually
indicates __________..
a. dirty intercooler
b. dirty aftercooler
c. leaking in the system
d. piston ring wear

198. Type of pump which is dependent of

the head is_______.
a. centrifugal pump
b. rotary pump
c. reciprocating pump
d. axial pump

199. If one of the bilge system manifold

valves does not properly seat,
a. bilge system will lose suction and
cannot pump out
b. system will be broken
c. bilge system will lose vacuum and
prevents the other bilges from being
pumped out
d. all of the above

200. What you call the power produced

by a cylinder which can be measured by
an engine indicator mechanism??
a. horse power
b. adiabatic process
c. Indicated Power
d. indicated process