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who live in Tatarstan.Tatar cuisine is primarily the cuisine of the Volga Tatars. and surrounding areas. Russia. .

• baked items with a savory filling (also eaten as main course). • sweet baked items and other sweets.The dishes in Tatar cuisine can be subdivided into the following categories: • hot soups. • main courses. • dough-based dishes (pasta). usually served with tea. .

Soups .In Tatar cuisine particularly popular is noodle soup served with toqmaç (homemade noodles) and enriched with pieces of boiled meat or chicken from the broth.

• • • • Bäleş – belesh Tutırma – tutyrma Pilaw – pilaf Bişbarmaq – beshbarmak Main course .

about 1.0. plain flour about 600 grams. 200 ml of water. Bişbarmaq – beshbarmak .5 tsp. salt .5 kg • salt not too much • 2 medium sized onions peeled and sliced in a ring shape • Pepper For pastry: 2 eggs.• lamb (and / or beef) with bone .

For example: • Qabartma • Qoymaq • Qıstıbí • çibörek (cheburek) Baked foods .A wide variety of dough dishes is a feature of the traditional Tatar cuisine.

Qıstıbí .

chak-chak. or chek-chek) . Çäkçäk (chakchak.Sweets.

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