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Armstrong went to

Moon? Is it right?
Name : Muhammad Fadhil Ayyasy
Class : XII – IPS 2

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Neil Armstrong, who doesn’t know him? He is
a very popular person in this world. As known
as the first people who trampled his foot down
to the moon, together with his partner Buzz
Well, my topic today will very relate to both of
them, Armstrong and Aldrin. Although they said
they have ever gone to the moon, but there are
so many people who don’t believe them. But,
there are a lot of people who also defend them.
Yeah, there are a pros and cons.
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In this time. Let’s see it! your name . and you’ll like this. Okay. I’m gonna start this discussion. I’ll explain some reasons why people say that Armstrong is a liar. I hope it will be fun. and the answer of the defenders. I’m gonna start it from the cons in every reasons.

The flag was fluttering your name .1.

now we’re gonna see the pros. Because we all knew that. How can the flag was fluttering in the space? This is the first reason people said that Armstrong and buzz lied if they ever went to moon. we have seen the cons. Here we go! your name .Cons : From the picture above. in the space there’s nothing air. Okay. It’s a vacuum. It created so many assumptions that the picture was taken in the earth. not in the moon. we can see that the flag looked fluttering.

sure they would fold the flag first. it was folded as long the trip from earth to moon. I have a comparison about this. your name . When they brought the flag to the moon. Okay. people said that A didn’t go to moon because the flag beside them looked fluttering.Pros : From the statement in the previous slide. And then. It wasn’t a short time. Furthermore. I’ll give one analysis for you. It would made the flag wrinkled.

• The first Picture We have seen this in the previous slide. your name .

• The Second Picture This Picture was taken six seconds after the previous picture. your name .

how about the flag? It looked same. it didn’t move at all. He moved! And. So.Okay. we can say that the flag wasn’t fluttering at all. your name . According the statement and the pictures. Did you attend it? The head of the astronaut. there was in different position in the second picture. there was almost different about the flag in the first and second picture. It was just getting wrinkled when it was put in the moon. we have seen the comparison from the picture.

2. How could there is a footprints in the moon? your name .

we can only make it in the wet sand.Cons : People said that the surface of moon is dry. your name . But. how could there is a footprints over there? Maybe we think that.

moon doesn’t have an atmosphere. And once again. the ashes in the moon. your name .Pros : Okay. people may said that it’s weird. look like the powder which rolled until smooth. So. you can use wheat flour or face powder. The gravitation is 1/6 from the gravitation in the earth. that there’s also a gravitation in moon. it’s vacuum. Regolith. But. did you know. It will make a footprint. there is nothing wind will remove the footprints. You can try this at home.

Where is the stars? your name .3.

Cons : We back to the first picture. your name . there’s no any stars. isn’t it? This face created another speculation that the landing of Armstrong and Buzz in the moon is only a lie. look at that.

it will be harder than in the village or in the middle of the sea. Okay. Why? Because. That’s why.Pros : Yeah. in the city there are so many lights. many people hesitated where’s the stars? There’s nothing any stars over there. The lights make us hard to see a stars. we have read in the previous slide. generally telescope put in the peak of the mountain to avoid the light pollution your name . if like that. I’ll ask to you. Do you know light pollution? If we want to see stars in the city. It made a light pollution.

if there’s a star in the picture. It will be weird instead. moon’s surface which reflected the sun’s light was being a light pollution and covered the light from the stars. how with the camera in 49 years ago? Can we see that? But.In this case. How if you try to take a picture in the sky at night. your name . maybe it’s possible to do. But. if you use the special technique to take a picture. Can you see the stars in the picture? Maybe it possible for the camera in millennium.

There’s so many source of light! Did the picture take in the television studio? your name .4.

your name . how can the pictures got so many lights? The object looked very clear.Cons : If we see the picture. as though there are a light came from various source. Like a lighting in studio. sure we wonder.

moon’s surface. but that’s the fact! your name . Moreover.Pros : Yeah. We can’t probably see it from the picture. that’s right! There are so many lights over there! Like in the television studio! You know why? Because. etc. that they took a picture in the hills to get the good lighting. earth which reflected the lights. there are really so many source of light in the moon! There are a sun. one addition for you.

The stones in the moon look like the stone in Antarctica. Why? Cons : The stones they brought back to the earth are look like the stones in the Antarctica.5. your name . It’s make another assumption of the truth of their trip.

your name . Then.Pros : That’s right! Maybe we can find the stones like that in the earth. Because. especially in the Antarctica. it fell to earth from the space. the stones scorched and oxidized when it was passing the earth’s atmosphere as an asteroid.

USA and USSR. it tended your name to the science. the effort to land the human in the moon. Did you know about Cold War? Yeah. the conflict isn’t about war or military aggression. And. we must check the history. why do people say that it was a lie? We have discuss some reason about that topic. In that time.Then. especially Astronomy. But. . why do people still say that it was a lie? Well. was triggered by the competition between USA and USSR in the era of Cold War. if we want to try to answer this question.

how about USA? That’s why USA tried to surpass USSR with landed their people on the moon. that they have landed their man on the moon. . Another super power country in that era. that’s USSR. That’s also the reason. who is courage to critic them? Of course. there are so many rocket or spacecraft launched from the earth. If NASA said.In 15th April. They have a technology as great as your name NASA. USSR was being the first country who put the human in the space. He is Yuri Gagarin. 1961. They weren’t a usual country. And. why in the era of Cold War.

Where USA and USSR were competing each other for the pride. Like USA and USSR. It could make us (the layman) know how is the scientific process happened.But. the journey to the space is not like the past. By the way. there are still people with the same ideology like USSR and have a capacity to make a criticism about this. your name . Their purpose might be good. the competition can also make us develop our skill or knowledge. since the USSR ruined. although USSR has ruined. In fact.

we can’t discuss all of them in here. It’s up to you. or you will be the one who defend it. do you wanna believe it or no. Even though. there are still another denial of the Armstrong’s landing in the earth. Who knows? your name . Maybe in the future.Conclusion In fact. There are they who believe about that. you can find another point who can deny it. But. until now this topic is still being discussed by many people in this world. and they who don’t.

Being critical is very needed. we have to give the proof and argument of our critical. we can break a statement about science or whatever it is. But. Maybe someday in the future. your name .

your name .

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