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Buddhism for You

Buddhism for You

How can you lead a meaningful life? Where can you find true happiness? What is your ultimate goal in life? Is this life your only life?

Buddhism for You

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Buddhism for You Over the next 15 lessons, we shall share the Buddha’s Dhamma with you……

Buddhism for You
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Mystery of Living (Discuss the nature of life and where to find true happiness) What Buddhism is Not (Discuss the misconceptions of Buddhism, Rites & Rituals) What Buddhism Is (Discuss the Charter of Free Inquiry, Buddhism & Science, Come & See, Self Reliance) The Triple Gem Pt 1 (Discuss refuge in the Buddha & His Life Story) The Triple Gem Pt 2 ( Discuss the Dhamma & Sangha, Anicca Anatta Dukkha)


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Buddhism for You
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The Timeless Truths Pt 2 (Discuss Noble Eight Fold Path, Sila Samadhi Panna) Sow Good Seeds & Reap The Harvest (Discuss Law of Karma, Merits & 10 Meritorious Actions.) More Lives Than One (Discuss Rebirth & Cases of Rebirth, Origin of World) The Unlosable Treasure-Store (Discuss Dana, Generosity & Ten Virtuous Deeds) The Unlosable Treasure Store Pt 2 (Discuss Morality, Five Precepts, Eight Precepts & Meditation Methods) Buddhist Living (4 Brahma Viharas, 8 Worldly Conditions, Family, Daily Practice &

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Dear Dhamma farers, This course syllabus follows the “Buddhism for You” correspondence course offered by Brickfields Maha Vihara, Kuala Lumpur. It is hence advisable that you obtain a set of the course notes from Brickfields Maha Vihara as a reference when you view these lessons. These Powerpoint files are best viewed using the Powerpoint/XP (or higher version). You can still view them using lower versions of MS Powerpoint but may lose some of the animation effects. We hope that you will benefit from these lessons. May you be well and happy always. With metta, Subang Jaya Buddhist Association May, 2003

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