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Celebrating twenty years of Integrated

Business Analytics Solutions

Cycling Off FDM Classic on Steroids

and Taking a Dose of FDMEE HGH
Tony Scalese Practice Director, Edgewater Ranzal

Ranzal & Samsonite Overview
Hyperion History at Samsonite
Project Overview
Project Details
Project Learnings

Who We Are
Edgewater Ranzal is a full-service Oracle
Platinum Consulting Partner with premier services
in North America and regional offices in the
United Kingdom
We deliver Business Analytics solutions that
include Oracle Enterprise Performance
Management (EPM) Business Intelligence (BI), and Big Data (BD) technology.
Our multiproduct focus offers domain expertise and technical leadership using the Oracle
Product Suite
We have industry expertise and specializations to help us deliver end-to-end solutions for each
clients business needs

Our Services
Business Intelligence/Big Data

Scorecards & Dashboards; Mobile Delivery

Prepackaged Analytic Applications (OBIA)

BI Foundation (OBIEE / Essbase)

Financial & Operational Analytics

Reporting & Publishing

Big Data

Information Discovery (Endeca)

Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS)

Enterprise Planning & Analytics

Strategic Planning (HSF) & Modeling

Big Data

Financial Close &


Financial Close & Consolidations

Legal, Segment, & Mgmt Reporting

Financial Performance & Close

Optimization & Performance Lab

Tax Provisioning

Regulatory Requirements

Financial Data Management

Data Warehousing


ETL Services and Automation

Costing &

Data Integration

Data Integration Services

ERP Integration

Planning &

Hardware Sizing, Installation, & Configuration

Exalytics Benchmarking

System Monitoring, Backup, & Disaster Recovery

Upgrade & Migrations


Advisory Services

Training &
Support Services

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Workforce, Capital, & Project Financial


Public Sector Planning

Cloud Services

Costing & Profitability Management

HPCM Standard & Detail Models

Waterfall Allocations

Shared Service Charges

Activity Based Costing

Customer, Product, Segment & LOB


Advisory Services
Project/Program Management &
Process Change
EPM & BI Road Maps
Training & Support Services
Standard & Custom Training

Virtual Classroom

Multimedia and UPK

Service Level Agreements

Managed Services & Hosting

Performance Engineering

About Tony Scalese

Integration Director at Edgewater Ranzal
Team of 18 integration specialists focusing primarily on FDMEE, ODI & DRM
Team includes former Oracle support and development team members

More than 16 years in the Oracle Hyperion Suite

Former administrator of Hyperion Enterprise, Pillar and Upstream Weblink
Nearly 10 years of consulting experience

Certified in various Oracle Hyperion technologies

Partner closely with Oracle Development and Product Management
Oracle ACE recognized for contributions in the BI track which includes EPM
Blog at and
Recently published a book
The Definitive Guide to Oracle FDMEE

About Samsonite
Samsonite is the worlds largest luggage manufacturer
5 core regions North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific,
Europe, Corporate (Licensing)

Headquartered in Mansfield, MA
Listed on the Hong Kong Exchange (HKG: 1910)
2015 Sales $2.4B
Brands include:
American Tourister
Hartmann Luggage
High Sierra

Samsonites Hyperion History

Long time Hyperion Enterprise shop
Implemented v11.1.2.1 HFM and FDM in 2010
EPMA application
Classic rules

Implemented Hyperion Planning

Purchased Exalytics

Upgraded to v11.1.2.3 in 2014

Current project to upgrade to
Purchased new T5 Exalytics

Project Overview
Implementation New Exalytics Machine
T5 Linux 6
Financial Reports
Windows machine for EPMA & OHS*

Upgrade HFM, Hyperion Planning & Financial Reports

Enhance Cash Flow functionality in HFM
Upgrade FDM Classic to FDMEE
>200 Locations
5 major interfaces
Fully automated

Kicked off the project 12/7/15, first Parallel/Live May close







Rollup Reporting Account


Mixed SAP Account (300000),

HFM Account


Legal Entity

Mixed Legal Entity, Cost



Trading Partner

Trading Partner


SAP Functional Area (P&L) /

Roll Forwards (Balance Sheet)

SAP Functional Area (P&L) /

Roll Forwards (Balance Sheet)








Data Type











FDMEE Rebuild Project Detail

SAP & JDE Trial Balance actuals to HFM and Planning
Data sync actual detailed statistics from Hyperion Planning to HFM
Data sync bi-directionally budget & forecast data between HFM and
Hyperion Planning
Write budget & forecast data back to SAP G/L
Enhance Automation


HFM Actual Data Load

Shared mapping across >100 company codes
Utilizes complex logic group to duplicate records for roll forward detail
Leverage lookup dimension to store transaction type

Leverage Multi Dimensional mapping

Account and Transaction Type for Roll Forward (C1)
Entity and Site Code for Channel (C2)
Account for Function (C1), Channel (C2) and Brand (C3) Replaces import script
ICP for ICP with self replaces varValues maps

Leverage SQL mapping

Override ICP Replaces event script

Dynamically calculate YTD balance from columnar data
Utilizes complex group to duplicate records for roll forward detail
Leverage SQL mapping
Override ICP Replaces event script

HFM Actual Data Load Enhancements

Smart Replace
Ensures data quality by clearing orphaned entities in HFM
Initial load to HFM, Entity A and Entity B are loaded
Data for Entity B is reclassed in the ledger
Subsequent load to HFM does not include data for Entity B data persists in HFM
Smart Replace clears data for Entity B

Runs automatically during the Export workflow

Dynamic Validation Entity

Reduces administrator maintenance and ensures data integrity
Check entity drives HFM calculation and Check Report
Auto updates the Check Entity based on data processed
Runs automatically during the Export workflow


Planning Actual Data Load

Load LTD for Balance Sheet, Activity for P&L
Mimic logic groups through an Event script to duplicate records for Roll Forwards
Shared mapping across >100 company codes
Leverage Multi Dimensional mapping
Entity and Site Code for Channel (C2)
Account for Function (C1), Channel (C2) and Brand (C3) Replaces import script

Leverage Event scripting

Override source C1 for Roll Forward records

Conditionally select data view based on account type


Planning Actual Data Load Enhancements

Single clear calc leveraging RTSV across multiple intersections
Smart Aggregation Calcs
Run aggregation after all data files for a given application are loaded
Leverage Essbase JAPI

Essbase Enhanced Validate

Utilized to prevent calculation and load errors during the Export workflow
Executes automatically at the Validate workflow step
Intelligently designed for performance with batch and interactive execution
Similar to HFM Intersection Validation Report
Validate transformed data set against Essbase/Planning dimensionality to check if mapped to a valid Level 0
Stops workflow at Validate when EEV fails


Statistics Planning to HFM

Move Actual KPI data from Planning to HFM
Leverage Event Scripts
Override Custom target members based on HFM top members
Create YTD view of data

Leverage SQL Mapping

In combination with Attributes to drive target, vary depending on target account


Bi-directional Data Transfer

Budget/Forecast Process
Budget/Forecast is developed in Hyperion Planning
Budget/Forecast journal adjustments are booked in HFM
HFM performs intercompany eliminations
Eliminations and adjustments loaded back to Planning

Actual Process
Up to 6 data types moved from HFM to Planning
Eliminations, Journal Adjustments, Offline Legal Entity G/L & Roll Forward data, Joint Ventures, Statistics

Automated process to allow a range of periods to be processed

5 target applications, 6 Data Load Rules (DLR), 1-12 periods 30-360 executions

Key improvements from FDM Classic

Entity to Region application relationship
No longer a custom scripting process


Write Back to SAP

Final Budget is loaded to SAP for consumption by non EPM users
Leverage Data Sync capabilities to extract data
Output custom SAP required upload format for each unique legal entity
FI / CO unique uploads

Leverage maps to transform to SAP chart fields


Enhanced Automation
Sweeps windows directory and moves files to Exa box for batch processing based on locations to
which the user has access
Loads data to HFM
Intelligently initializes batch process to load data to each of the regional Planning applications
Leveraged Password Encryption

Sends an email status


Automation Attachments
Missing Maps


Automation Attachments
Essbase Enhanced Validate Report


Automation Attachments
Check Report


Project Learnings
Infrastructure & Hardware
Data Protection
DLR Attribute Column


Infrastructure & Hardware

Faulty NIC/MoBo and faulty DIMM module on Exa box
Oracle replaced these components

HFM not able to run on Linux 6

Fixed with patch

FDMEE patch introduced bug that prevented EPMA enabled applications to be
registered as a target
Fixed with a PSE, addressed in PSU


Deadlocks plagued application testing
What is a deadlock?
A deadlock occurs when two or more tasks permanently block each other by each task having a lock on a
resource which the other tasks are trying to lock Technet

Why do deadlocks occur?

Parallel workflow processes
Oracle RDBMS is better at parallelism

How do you know it was a deadlock?

The process log contains the keyword deadlock

How did you fix it?

Adding indexes to various tables specific to each application
Updating SQL Server settings

User Security
Users must have access to the locations being processed as part of the batch
Created process to dynamically read HSS security to determine location files to sweep

Missing Data Load Rules

Batch process would fail if DLR is not present
Updated process to check if DLR exists before sweeping file from staging directory

Missing Periods
Batch status reporting failed to create accurate results when run for a range of periods
Added custom process to add period records back to table

Invalid Files
Batch does not capture invalid files similar to how FDM Classic did, simply does not process
Added custom process to log files found in OpenBatch and compare to files processed


Data Protection
What is data protection?
Ability to load data to a single HFM entity using replace mode from 2 distinct data sources and not
overwrite data from the other stream
Ex: General Ledger data and Statistical Data

How should it work/How did it work in FDM Classic?

Data for each unique entity in the FDMEE data set is extracted from HFM (for the reciprocal data stream)
and added to the FDMEE generated data file to be loaded to HFM

How does it work?

Each unique entity string is protected, overlap of names potentially prevents protection
Ex: Data set contains entity ElimNV and NV; NV is not protected

How did we fix it?

Created a second DLR isolating only NV data, ignored NV data on import for primary DLR

Is Oracle aware?
Yes it has been formally recognized as a bug by Oracle and they are working on a resolution

DLR Attributes
Clear calc utilizes DLR Custom Options to store varying RTSV values

What is the problem?

Custom option field is 100 characters, RTSV value in some instances exceeds 100 characters

How did we fix it?

Modified the field to allow more characters
Updated custom option using SQL due to UI field length limitation


The Definitive Guide to Oracle FDMEE:


Closing and Q&A

Contact Information
Edgewater Ranzal

Tony Scalese

45 Beech Street, Suite 109

London EC2Y 8AD
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0) 2033 717 174

108 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 105

White Plains, NY 10604
Tel (914) 253-6600
Company Contact
Robin Ranzal Knowles, President

130 South Jefferson St.

Suite 101
Chicago, IL 60661

200 Harvard Mill Square

Suite 210
Wakefield, MA 01880
Tel (781) 246-3343


It wont be hard to find us at Kscope16!

#pinittowinit Pick-up at pin at booth #611 Win throughout the week!
8 Conference Sessions
6/27, Session 1, 8:30 - 9:30am
How to Use Hyperion Tax Provision to Complete the Close Process Puzzle
6/27, Session 2, 10:15 - 11:15am
Cycling off FDM Classic on Steroids and Taking a Dose of FDMEE HGH You are Here
6/28, Session 8, 9:45 - 10:45am
Opus Group is Over the Moon with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud6/28, Session 9, 11:15am
- 12:15pm
FDMEE Can Do That?
6/28, Session 12, 4:45 - 5:45pm
Profitability and Cost Management: Have it Your Way
6/29, Session 14, 10:15 - 11:15am
The M&A Information Factory: 80 Sources in 100 Days with DRM and FDMEE
6/29, Session 18, 4:30 - 5:30pm
Migration Approaches for FDMEE, the Heart of the Matter
6/30, 9:00 11:00
The Rules Circus: Experts Parade the HFM Functions

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