eXe Learning

Building and modifying learning objects and materials.

di Romolo Pranzetti http://www.comeweb.it

Owing didactic materials


More and more often didactic materials are required for different aims. Fixed or non flexible didactic materials always interest less and less. Usage of “open” format and programs in order to elaborate shared materials.

Single or combined objects
 An

open source serial program help us.  Among these programs eXe is worth to be known beacuse it permits LO production in a simple way.  It allows the exportation in different format which can also be incorporated in different elearning platforms.

eXe – Functions and charatistics
 An

author system which allows to create multimedia pages to be inserted in web pages or in e-learning platforms.  It permits to privilege the didactic approach.  It is an open source software.  It can be used offline.  It is not submitted to programs or formats.

eXe - Open source

It’s available the source code therefore it can be modified. The program, which is in Windows, Mac and Linux, can be used and distributed without paying licences. eXe usage permits the exchange of didactic experiences more easily. It helps to overcome the remaining resistances on OSS.

eXe - Author System
 The

materials in .elp format can be modified, mixed, and exchanged.  The materials exported in .html format can be inserted on web sites like normal interactive or multimedia pages.  Some materials can be exported in independent (open source) e-learning platforms.

eXe – Menu and functions
File. It permits to create a new object or to modify an existing one in .elp format. We can find the iDevice list, that’s the possible activity models

On the left of the working area. It also permits the exportation in different formats.

eXe – Free text
We select Free Text in iDevices list on the left, so we can insert our contents in the working area. Structure area

big projects)

iDevice area

In iDevice area a green checkmark permits to end the insertion and to see the preview of the object.

eXe – Symbols and special characters

It is possible from the Editor button to recall the insertion of several special characters.

eXe – Text to read

The icon allows to go back to the object modification.

Here it is as it appears the free text as we have inserted it.

eXe – Multiple Choice Question

The simple procedure for the creation of MCQ, is also assisted by “?” yellow buttons which provide suggestions in real time.

eXe – Multiple Choise Quiz

It is possible to provide clues and comment every single answer.

eXe – Image with the Text

This an image with title and description.

eXe – Image Magnifier

We can insert an image with the possibility to watch enlarged particulars, with the adaptable lens.

eXe – Image Gallery

We can also insert an Image Gallery. Each image can have its explanation, its position and also the possibility to enlarge it.

Foto di Stefania Giorello

eXe – Cloze Activity

We can insert a text in a normal way, then we can choose the words to hide.

eXe – Cloze test verification

Wrong and correct answers are immediately given.

eXe – Web and Keywords

From Properties > Metadata it is also possible to get simple suggestion to insert keywords inside the our object for the web.

eXe – Creating new iDevice

If we need more iDevices we can create new ones with a suitable Editor.

Documentation and Support

Using eXe, we have the possibility to share our experience with other teachers because this program is used all over the World. Free online guide: http://www.wikieducator.org/ The website: www.exelearning.org

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