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Business and Commerce

Virtual reality has been used in all areas of business. Boeing used virtual reality to help it
design and manufacture airplane parts and new planes, including the 787 Dreamliner. Boeing
used 3D PLM from Dassault Systems.71 One healthcare institution used Second Life to create
a virtual hospital when it started construction of a real multimillion dollar hospital. Thepurpose of the
Second Life virtual hospital was to show clients and staff the layout and
capabilities of the new hospital. Second Life has also been used in business and recruiting.
Second Life ( also allows people to play games, interact with avatars, and
build structures, such as homes. A number of companies are using VR in advertising.72 Pizza
chain Papa Johns used VR as an advertising tool. It placed a VR image on many of its pizza
boxes. When the image is viewed by a Web camera on a computer, a standard keyboard can
be used to manipulate images of a Chevrolet Camaro on the computer screen. It is a moving
image of the Camaro that the founder of Papa Johns sold to start his pizza company.


Computer-generated image technology, or CGI, has been around since

the 1970s. Many
movies use this technology to bring realism to the silver screen, including
Avatar, Finding
Nemo, Spider-Man II, and Star Wars Episode IIAttack of the Clones. A
team of artists rendered
the roiling seas and crashing waves of Perfect Storm almost entirely on
computers using
weather reports, scientific formulas, and their imagination. Other films
that have used CGI
technology include Dinosaur with its realistic talking reptiles, Titan A.E.s
beautiful 3D spacescapes,
and the casts of computer-generated crowds and battles in Gladiator and
Patriot. CGI can also be used for sports simulation to enhance the
viewers knowledge and
enjoyment of a game. SimCity (, a virtual reality
game, allows people
to experiment with decisions related to urban planning.