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Group members:

Akshay Kale –91
Sriram V -54
Sai Konar -22
Rajgopalan Suresh -43
Sandesh Omprakash –49
Amol Rathe - 66


unaffiliated or other 28. Area: 357. 3. Protestant 26%. Danish.027 sq km (137.7% National flag : Black:Determination. Major religion: Christianity. Turks 2.Germany-Brief Introduction Country Name: Federal Republic of Germany.849 sq miles) Population: 82. Golden Yellow :Generosity .5 million (UN. 2008) German 94%. strength. Roman Catholic 26%. bravery. Red: Hardness. or Frisian. Serbian.2% Capital: Berlin.4 million inhabitants Major language: German. Muslim 3.3%. valor.

GNI per capita: US $38. Agriculture 1% .500. 2007) Economy: ** GDP: €2.6% (2008) Economic Structure: Services 70%. Main exports: Motor vehicles.860 (World Bank.Brief Introduction…. Industry 30%.Germany. Annual Growth: Inflation: 2.5% 2.425 bn GDP per head: €29. electrical machinery and metals.

5% Other Turkish: 2. Greek. Polish.1% .4% (Spanish. Italian): 6. Serbo-Croatian. German’s:91.Ethnic Groups : Most of Germany is made up of it’s own people. Russian.

Top 6 Sports 1) Football 2) Ice Hockey 3) Rugby 4) Bobsled 5) Luge 6) Cycling .

and cherries. grated chocolate.  and potatoes topped with sausage.A black forest cake made of whipped cream. .potato pancakes fried with combonation of onion and butter. Schwarzwalder. Himmel und Erde (Heaven and Earth).Food Tafelspitz- braised beef with horseradish.

Food Bratwurst German sausage made of pork Black Forest ham Smoked ham Black pudding Sausage made by cooking blood with a filler .

Schnapps Available in hundreds of varieties .Rhineland wines .Drink .Kirschwasser Cherry spirit.Beer . principally from the Black Forest .Ebbelelwoi Apple wine which principally in Hessen .

Usually held in the summer and early autumn .g.Music Festivals .Most popular Festival Dedicated to the works of a single composer e.Different types of music have different music events Jazz and Blues : Frankfurt’s German Jazz Festival Opera : Outdoor opera festival in Berlin Classical Music : International Music Festival Heidelberger Fruhling Pop Music : Love Parade in Dortmund . Wagner in Bayreuth .

The best orchestra: Berlin Philharmonic .Most cultural institutions are maintained by the states and municipalities. .80 publicly financed concert halls in Germany .Types of Music Classical Music .

Influenced by Britain and America.Jazz capital : Frankfurt Rock pop .Dozens of clubs host live music most evenings .Types of Music Jazz and Blues . -“Pop Academy” in Mannheim .

Virtuoso Baroque Church Music . .Types of Music Virtuoso ( Yesterday Vs Today) There are two representatives in 15th-20th century. Johann Sebastian Bach ( 1685 – 1750 ) .Wrote more than 200 cantata and oratories Ludwig van Beethoven ( 1770 – 1827 ) .Brought a completely new measure of personal expression and sensibility to bear in music.Pioneer of Romanticism .Perfected the stringent “ art of the fugue” .

Famous attractions (Related to music) Baden-Baden Festival Theatre Bayreuth – monument to a genius .

The Semper Opera House National Theatre .

Festival Oktoberfest History of Oktoberfest .Originated in a wedding ceremony of royal family .Beer tents every where .3rd weekend of September ~ 1st Sunday in October .Wedding ceremony of Prince and Princess .Celebration with the public Background .Snacks and beers overnight .

Why beer? .Festival Oktoberfest Culture .Power Distance: low Distance between royal family and the public Celebration with the public .

Festival Karneval .

Festival Karneval .

Festival Christmas Christmas Market in Meissen .

Festival Christmas Christmas Day in Munich Christmas Market in Cologne Christmas Day in Mainz .

Festival Karneval and Christmas History .Karneval crazy country .Related to religious .NOT originated from Germany Germany Culture: insanely celebrate . The origin of Christmas Trees .g.The largest scale and the most famous Christmas market E.

.Theater . .Theater giant: with 120 public theaters with more than 750 stages and 185 private theaters. Best-known venues : Thalia Theater in Hamburg .Create images of our life.Even small towns boast opera houses and ballet troupes as well as theaters. .Germany posses a theater system that is admired the world ever.

He was granted a patent for the first two-stroke engine in 1879 .Invented the first petrol-powered automobile .Invention of Car The birthplace of the modern automobile Karl Benz -A German engine designer .

2. Totalitarian rule VS democracy great leaders . Extreme nationalism racism.History Influence Nation 1. Aryan race VS Jews  Concentration camps @ WWII 3.

Nationalism Influence Conservative Punctuality formality not easy to relax Masculine standardization Intelligent less passionate Patience Perfection .

Our interaction with German student in AISEC .