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Project Management


Presented by: Umer Ghauri

Recap of the last lecture

Project Management Framework

Organizational Structures

Operations, projects, programs, portfolios.
Stakeholder analysis

Triple constraint of PM
Project selection models
Project management knowledge areas &

Today’s Agenda. “Initiating the Project”  Project Management Knowledge Areas   Project Management Process Groups   05 PM Process Groups Initiating the Project         09 PM Knowledge Areas Needs & Demands Determining Project Goals & Objectives Determining Project Requirements Identifying Project Deliverables Identifying Project Stakeholders Project Constraints Project Assumptions Project Charter ..

The project lifecycle .


Project Initiation .

What is a Business Case?  A Business Case justifies the start-up of a project. the costs and benefits of each alternative solution. .  It includes a description of the business problem or opportunity. and the recommended solution for approval.

Completing a Business Case Template is usually the first step in the Project Life Cycle. to determine whether it is currently on track. success is measured against the ability to meet the objectives defined in the Business Case. it is presented to a Sponsor for approval. . And at the end of the project.What is a Business Case?  A Business Case is used whenever the expenditure on a project has to be justified. Once the Business Case Template has been completed.  The Business Case is referred to frequently during the project.

project or team and they are a critical part of the Project Life Cycle.What is a Feasibility Study? A Project Feasibility Study is an exercise that involves documenting each of the potential solutions to a particular business problem or opportunity. . Feasibility Studies can be undertaken by any type of business.

if you are unsure whether your solution will deliver the outcome you want. a variety of 'assessment' methods are undertaken. During the Feasibility Study. The outcome of the Feasibility Study is a confirmed solution for implementation. then a Project Feasibility Study will help gain that clarity. . In other words.When to use a Feasibility Study? The purpose of a Feasibility Study is to identify the likelihood of one or more solutions meeting the stated business requirements.

Project Charter .

deliverables and overall approach for the work to be completed.Project Charter ”A document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project. scope. estimates. It is the absolute Master document for the project and as such it should be the single point of reference on the project for goals and objectives. and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities. and budget. . organization.”   It defines the scope. objectives. deliverables.

Who is going to actually do the tasks and where.           Why are we doing this and what is the overall goal. What deliverables must be made to get there. What risks are there likely to be along the way. . How to keep things on target and monitor progress. When do the deliverables need to be completed and in what order. What are the assumptions and constraints going in. When do we need to be finished..Project Charter states. What things are not to be done. What resources and money (budget) is needed.

To create Project Charter. you need to..         Identify the project vision and objectives Define the complete scope of the project List all of the critical project deliverables State the customers and project stakeholders List the key roles and their responsibilities Create an organizational structure for the project Document the overall implementation plan List any risks. issues and assumptions .

as known to date?) Product Description/Deliverables(What specific product deliverables are wanted.) Resources (How many or which resources will be provided?) Constraints/Assumptions . and what will be the end result of the project?) Measurable Project Objectives(How does the project tie into the organization’s strategic goals? What project objectives support those goals? The objectives need to be measurable and will depend on the defined priority of the project constraints.Elements of Project Charter         Project Title and Description (What is the project?) Project Manager Assigned and Authority Level Business Case (Why is the project being done? On what financial or other basis can we justify doing this project? Describe the project purpose and justification.) Stakeholders(Who will affect or be affected by the project (influence the project).

. the scope of your project and general approach. plan and perform your project.Project Charter Elements  Vision/Purpose   Objectives   The specific outcomes you’ll produce. and their cost. how and when you can achieve it. Assumptions  Statements about how you will address uncertain information as you conceive. Restrictions that will limit what you achieve. Constraints   How and why your project came to be.

in detail.  Time-sensitive: Include the date by which you’ll achieve the objective.  Aggressive: Set challenging objectives that encourage people to stretch beyond their comfort zones. as follows. with no room for misinterpretation.  Realistic: Set objectives the project team believes it can achieve.  Specific: Define your objective clearly. .Objectives Make your objectives SMART.  Measureable: Specify the measures or indicators you’ll use to determine whether you’ve met your objective.

Sample Project Charters   Wake up! I’m going to show some sample project charters. .

Assignment #02 (Group Assignment)      Arrange a team meeting. Prepare a Project Charter and submit in the next class. . The team members will scrutinize and evaluate all the proposals. along with the individual business case proposals. Every member of the group will propose a business case (a justified idea for a project) to the project team in writing. You’re required to select ONE proposal through consensus.

discuss it with me and get it approved/signed by me. Charter should at least contain project description. roles & responsibilities. You’re expected to honor your team’s code of conduct(if you still remember that btw!!) and indulge in a positive discussion while evaluating different business case proposals. resources. constraints & assumptions. vision/goal. objectives.Assignment #02 (Instructions)  The Project Managers are required to submit the Project Charter on behalf of the team.  Secondary reason of this assignment is Group/Team Dynamics. . stakeholder analysis. deliverables.

Assignment #02 (Instructions)  Also in the next class you’ll briefly share your experience about how the group discussion went. what were the reasons for selecting your project & how did you reach a consensus. nagging or authoritative? Were there conflicts? How did you resolve them? Good Luck . Was somebody irrational.