regulation then the GMO food products regulated by the Food and Drug Ad ministration (FDA). and bovine somatrotropin (Glick & Pasternak 1998). This time guide regarding GMO-based food product prepared by the Nat . At the beginning of this G MO product food regulations dwell on chymos in. triptopan.Regulation of GMO The rapid development of biotechnology has c reated the National Institutes of Health (NIH) i ssued guidance on laboratory work in DNA tec hnology in 1976 and revised in 1980 (Glick & P asternak 1998).

28 of 2004 on Safety. Quality and Nutrition. . as well as in article 35 PP 69 1999 on Food Label and Advertisement. As other types of food which is regulated by the government through legislation (the Act) and regulatio ns (PP). 28 of 2004. or GMOs is a food or food product derived from plants or animals pro duced through genetic engineering process. genetically modified fo od. GMO food is also regulated in article 14 of Regulation No.Based on Government Regulation No.

and the physical condition and appearance of these animals (Basu et al 1993). Specifically to assess food safety transgenic an imal origin meat is whether there is a foreign gene. how the products of t he foreign genes. food security Overall in the stage p roduction (Chassy 2002).Genetically modified food safety inspection by the FDA and EPA covering written material safety. product safety. whether there is a threat coming of the genes transferr ed. .

Based on Article 14 of Regulation No. and food safety information. based on its recommend ations. The examination include the following information genetic s of these materials. characterization of genetic modification. raw materials. 2004 consisting of five paragra phs. After that. the Head of the POM establish the safety of the GMO food. the description of the modification genetics. 28. Requirements and procedures for the examinatio n is also the authority of the commission addressing food safety genetical ly engineered products to set one up. . fo od additives or other auxiliary materials which are GMO must check thes e materials to the commission that handles food safety genetically engine ered products. can concluded that any person who produces food. a description of the donor organism.

. On Label fairly stated inf ormation on food genetic engineering to material which is genetically mo dified food and also a special logo can be imprinted genetic engineering f ood. stated th at on the label for genetically modified foods must be included writing FO OD PRODUCTS GENETICAL MANIPULATION. 69 in 1999. according to Article 35 of Regulation No.Meanwhile. From the contents of the third paragraph on PP 69 of 1999 on the la bel and the rent. incl uding food results genetical manipulation. Indonesia is still in the neutral position and respect the ri ghts of consumers to identify the components of food they consume.

L ack of integrity of international regulations needed to ensure the quality of food and fair trading. may det ermine who is winning and losing in international trade (Hai'enga 1993). the results of food re gulations genetic engineering in Europe is more developed for food secur ity and reduce the risk of environmental impact than in the United States. (1992). Rapid development of biotechnology as the discovery of technology Indo nesia supporters so they need to adjust to make regulations on food prod ucts from GMO. . According to Falk et al.Differences in food regulation resulting from biotechnology in various part s of the world affect how biotechnology products are acceptable.