Malang Foods

By Jordy


Malang Foods that I choose Gado-Gado Malang Keripik Ceker Angsl e .


O F Choosing .

CHAPTER 2 Contents: Definition History Value Types .

fried tofu and tempeh. and lontong served with a peanut sauce Kripik Ayam Ceker are chips made from fried chicken legs using flour that has been seasoned.Gado-gado. blanched or steamed vegetables and hard-boiled eggs. Usually tastes are salty flavor with a savory onion. Seller traditional angsle first around the village only at night . Angsle or wedang angsle is typical beverage Java which resembles compote. also known as lotek is an Indonesian salad of slightly boiled. because angsle served with warm at night or when it rains .

istory of Gado-Gado (In General) Trade Routes .

History of Keripik (In General) .

History of Angsle .