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comfortable. . operation & management of facilities • transportation in order to provide for the safe. convenient. rapid. economical & environmental compatible movement of people & goods. functional design.Definition Transport Engineering • The application of technological & scientific principles to the planning.

operation.Definition Road Engineering • A branch of civil engineering that includes planning. and maintenance of roads. design. bridges. and related infra –structure to ensure effective movement of people and goods . construction.

• For example.Short terms planning • Project that can be completed within in 3 years • Project that involve high cost of material. engineers optimize the use of existing transportation systems by installing the traffic control devices .

. • The design must be better than short terms planning.Long terms planning • Project that be done more to 5 years and above. • The project have more structured and complicated design.

shopping and recreation. .Function of transportation • to link residence with employment. education and other amenities. • producers goods for the users such as provide facilities to work. • Give access to health.

• To identify 4 models of transportation.Function Of Transportation Planning • To identify highway system component. • To recall the process and purpose of construction planning design. • To define transportation planning. .

petroleum products and natural gas. OTHER MODES – CABLE & BELT SYSTEM • Cables and belt system – used extensively for transportation of freight within industrial complexes • These are used for specialized passenger transportation system such as ski lifts and moving belts in airports.Types Of Transportation TRANSPORTATION MODES TYPES AIRWAYS TRANSPORT • Air carriers (mostly < 300 miles & across bodies of water) • General aviation PIPELINE TRANSPORT • Constitute a highly specialized freight transportation system • Their market is almost entirely crude oil. .

Importance Of Transportation Planning • • • • • • Efficiency Improve safety Land use planning Environment protection Economic accessibility Material used .

thus promoting travel and land development patterns that are in keeping with community goals and objectives.Purpose Of Transportation Planning • To provide the information necessary for making decisions on when and where improvements should be made in the transportation system. .