What is risk? The probability of a hazard event occurring and creating loss of lives and livelihoods. What is vulnerability? A high risk combined with an inability of individuals and communities to cope. .What is extreme weather? An abnormal or out of the ordinary weather event that is severe or unexpected.

The risk equation .

Frequency or magnitude of hazard is increasing Global warming is warming the surface temperature of the planet. . The resulting change of the climate is increasing frequency and severity of weather related hazards.

deforestation. destructing coastal mangroves and bleaching coral) is also increasing peoples vulnerability.Level of Vulnerability is increasing People all over the world are becoming more vulnerable to extreme weather.g. unstable slopes and coasts). building on flood plains. .g. Also environmental degradation (e. This is because larger population is causing people to be forced to build home on unsuitable land ( e.

Capacity to cope is decreasing Many communities all over the world are increasing in population greatly which is meaning the need more skills. technology and money to cope with extreme weather. However many areas do not have these resources therefore when hit by extreme weather events many areas of the world do not have the capacity to cope. .

However.This graph shows the increasing frequency of natural disasters every decade. This increase is said to be caused by global warming and the rising temperatures of the earths surface. could this increase just be due to recent improvement in technology meaning natural disasters can be better recorded now? .