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Requirements Walk Through

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. we'll present Requirement Definitions supplied by Product Strategy • Then. Oracle. throughout the class. it’s a good way to reinforce the concepts described in the lectures 2-2 Copyright © 2009.Representative Case Studies • This course will use case studies from prior releases to explain the configuration tools • In this section. All rights reserved. we'll ask you to contrast the designs that were conceived to satisfy these requirements with what was actually delivered • The purpose of this is to expose you to: • Our design methodology • The configuration tools • In addition.

Oracle. it's important for you to understand how the system was designed to be extended so you can extend it in the most efficient ways 2-3 Copyright © 2009. we believe that you can use the same methodology and design concepts for customer-specific extensions • In addition. All rights reserved. .If You Are Part Of Professional Services… • While these case-studies are for base-package enhancements.

All rights reserved. Oracle. but every utility runs their programs differently” 2-4 Copyright © 2009. .Requirements Walk Through • You should have received several requirements authored by Product Strategy prior to the class • Your instructor will now review them with you as they will be used in many of the upcoming chapters “We need to be able to approve adjustments using flexible criteria that can differ based on the amount of the adjustment and the type of adjustment and the type of customer” “We need to be able to capture rebate claims for energy efficient appliances and refund moneys.

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