.Unicellular Organisms The structure of two unicellular organisms different components of unicellular organisms compared to plant and animal cells. Pseudpods: temporary protrusion of the surface of an amoeboid cell for movement and feeding . including flagella. pseudopod s. and eye spots.

streams.Amoeba Amoebas are single-celled organisms Have no fixed shape They live in fresh water. rivers. Their cell consist of cell membrane filled with cytoplasm.wet soil including lakes. They move by changing shape of their body. Their nucleus control growth and reproduction. and puddles. ponds. salt water. .

Amoeba .

Special features of the Amoeba They spend most of their time attached to the bottom or to plants. All the amoebas of the same species will unattach from the bottom or plants and float around until they land in a new place and re-attach Amoebas are helpful when they control algae in ponds. lakes. . and streams.

. This part of the amoeba's body can stretch out and pull itself with. and also to eat.How does the Amoeba move? The most important part of an amoeba might be the pseudopod The psuedopod is used to help the amoeba move.

the amoeba stretches out the pseudopod.How does it eat? To eat. and tiny particles of dead plant or animal matter. . and pulls it into the rest of the amoeba's body. surrounds a piece of food. other protozoans. Amoebas eat algae. bacteria.

Amoeba eating .

. This means that one amoeba can split in half and make two identical new amoebas. This is asexual reproduction.How does it reproduce? Amoebas reproduce (make more amoebas) by a process called binary fission.

Amoeba Reproducing .

Euglena It looks slimy." You will find them in water such as ponds or marshes. . a lot like algae. Some people say it looks like "pea soup.

They can also swim and move. but they can also eat other things. They can make their own food like a plant. . Some Euglena are green because they have chlorophyll from eating green algae.Euglena are interesting because they are a sort of combination of plant and animal. like an animal.

. This is called a flagellum. and the euglena uses it to swim.Moveme nt Euglena has a long hair-like thing that stretches from its body (see top picture).

.How and what does the Euglena eat? It has a red eyespot that it uses its to locate light. it looks for other things to eat. Algae is a source of chloroplasts. it cannot use its chloroplasts (green parts inside the body) to make itself food. it preys on other tiny organisms. Without light. such as amoeba and paramecium. When Euglena doesn't have enough light to make its own food. Swimming around.