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Cycle Plan 4Q

Atifa Yasmin
Product Executive

Ensures fungus free hygienic life .

Medicine & Pediatrician. • Month to Month no negative sales of Candinil.Facts of Candinil • Should ensure active call to the targeted prescribers (Gyne. • Keep generating new prescriptions daily. . GP) regularly will help to achieve 100 % budget achievement at all territories. Skin & VD. • We should cover Gyne & Skin VD department in each institute. ENT.

Objective:  100% budget achievement at all territories.  Ensure maximum prescription share from Gynecologist & skin specialist. .

Non Achiever Regions: 42 (August) out of 205. We have already shared to all Non achiever regions & hopefully all the regions will achieve 100% budget of Candinil in the rest of the months.National Achievement of Candinil: 103% (Jan-Aug) Growth: 62% As we are committed to CEO Sir at the Half Yearly Supervisor’s Conference . . July 16 that all Regions will achieve above 100% budget of Candinil in every month.

•Strong follow-up on existing prescribers of Candinil by frequent reminder call. •Try to convert Flugal & Omastin prescribers into Candinil prescribers. •Organize CME & group discussion at big institution and Medical college.   .Strategy & Action: •We should develop minimum 2-3 doctors/MIO. •We have to take good share from the Fluconazole market to establish our Candinil brand. •Develop Candinil prescribers at every Institution. •To each Gynecologist we should promote Candinil.

General benefit statement (GBS) Candinil is useful for the treatment of Systemic Deep-seated mycosis.   .



Important Terminology: Fungemia: Fungal Infections in the blood. skin and sometimes spreading to the brain. . most common Candida albicans (90%). Candidiasis: Fungal infections caused by the overgrowth of a type of Fungi called Candida. Cryptococcosis: Fungal infections in the lungs.