Rational Functions in

the Real World

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accurately solve real life problems involving rational functions. the learner is expected to: demonstrates understanding of key concepts of rational functions. .Objectives At the end of the lesson.

what is an irrational number? .5 A number that can be expressed as a fraction: 2  So just for grins. 4. 3.What have we learned?  What is a rational number? 5 . A number that cannot be expressed as a fraction: A 2 rational function has the form p( x) f ( x)  q( x) where p and q are polynomial functions .

Medical Example After learning all the stuffs in rational functions. when and how are we going to use this skill? How can we apply the graphs of rational function in real life situation? .

Medical Example .

. When the concentration of the drug in the bloodstream is at a desired level the operation will begin.Medical Example Before surgery a patient might be injected with some medication. You can model the concentration of the drug in the patient’s bloodstream using a rational function.

Medical Example Cont’d   Here is a hypothetical rational function representing the concentration of a drug in the patient’s bloodstream .

Medical Example Graph C(t) C (t )  4t t2  2 t .

. Imagine not knowing how to do this and having a patient wake up during surgery.Medical Example Cont’d Being able to analyze this rational function can help a nurse or doctor determine when the drug will wear off on the patient.

will the concentration C(t) of the drug become zero again? .Medical Example Graph us analyze the graph by answering the following questi C(t) • C (t )  4t t2  2 • t What is the highest level of concentration C(t) of drug in the patients Aside from time(t) bloodstream? zero.

Economic Example .

Economic Example You can use rational functions to model what are known as average cost functions. Average cost functions can help a business determine the cost of producing a certain product. .

Economic Example Cont’d Suppose your company makes light bulbs and you want to determine the average cost of making light bulbs. .

business bulb   number of light bulbs produced .Economic Example Cont’d You can model the average cost function for making light bulbs using the rational fixed cost to run cost of each light function shown below.

which can be important information for a businessman. . you can model how much it will cost to make light bulbs.Economic Example Cont’d Using this rational function.

In which week would the sale (S) have been 6? .Sample Problems   The weekly sale (S) (in thousands of units) for the tth week after the introduction of the product in the market is given by .

04 units? .Sample Problems   After taking a certain antibiotic. How many hours after taking the antibiotic will its concentration be 0. the concentration (C) of the drug in the patient's bloodstream is given by where t is the time (in hours) after taking the antibiotic.

What is the approximate cost per unit when 1250 toy cars are produced? . in dollars. to produce x units of toy cars is given by .Sample Problems   The average cost per unit C(x).

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