Answer the questions

1. Can Stock eat the
Fox’s soup?
2. What would you
talk to Fox if you
were Stork

A. “ I love you, Fox. You are so nice”
B. I am not hungry, Fox. I am going home

Reported Speech .

We added that (optional) 3. No speech markers (. “I am not hungry now”. Stock said that he was not hungry then. Pronoun change (I  He) 4. What are the changes? 1. Time change (now then) . Tense change ( am was) 5.• Stock said. 2. “ ”) in the Indirect Speech.

Reported Speech is used to tell what someone said . S1 + told + O (that) + S2 + V …. USAGE: .FORM: S1 + said (that) + S2 + V ….

she The doctor said that ……… was getting better. You are getting better! . “You are getting better”.Pronoun change The doctor said.

they her  Jane said ………. “They are my friends”. They are my friends . were ……….friends.Jane said.

 She said the man__________to .Tense Change She said: "That man is trying to get away!" was trying get away.

Time change They said: "We are getting married this afternoon!"  They said they were getting that married _____afternoon. .

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences .

“I can do this for you. “I don'tnext know what Frank is doing. “Thesemuch. 2.” She said…she wasn’t enjoying her job very 5.” Ben saidhe … didn’t know what Frank was doing. “You can come and stay at my place tonight. . 4.” He told herhe … wouldn't go with her. “I'm not enjoying my job very much.” Mary saidthose … were the shoes she would buy the day 6.” He said… …he could do that for me. “I won’t go with you.” Sophia said…I could come and stay with her that night. are the shoes I will buy tomorrow.1. 3.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 GROUP 1 GROUP 2 .


B. C Tom told Mary that he would tell her about that the next day. C. Mary. Tom told Mary that she would tell him about that the next day. D.Choose the best answer “I’ll tell you about this tomorrow.” said Tom. . Tom said to Mary that he will tell her about that the next day. A. Tom told Mary that I would tell you about that the next day.

“There isn’t any milk in this bottle”. Lan said that there wasn’t any milk in that bottle.Change into reported speech 3. . Lan said.


Nam said that he was doing his homework then. “I’m doing my homework now”. . Nam said.Change into reported speech 5.


He said he didn’t meet Susan the week before. D. D He said he hadn’t met Susan last week. . C. B. He said he hadn’t met Susan the week before.“I didn’t meet Susan last week” A. He said he hasn’t met Susan last week.

.Choose the best answer She asked me if he wants to buy any second-hand books. A B C D  B.

Choose the best answer Peter said that he had lived in London four years ____. A. ago C. later C . before D. now B.


granny”. Mary said________________ . Nick said_______________ “I’ve just cooked the soup”. She said _______________ “I love you.“I’m cleaning my room now”. He said ________________ “My grandpa has been skiing for two hours”.

Jane said to me _____________ They said to him_____________ “I had washed up by 4 o’clock”.“My grandma was knitting at that time”. “At that time Kate had been picking apples for an hour”. Mum said to us__________ We said to them___________ . “We watch a very interesting film yesterday”.


Mind map of Reported Speech .